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Monday, February 27, 2006

Charlton 0 Villa 0

According to all our blogs and the published reports found in cafc, guardian, bbc, telegraph this was definitely a game to be missed. All of them seem to agree that Charlton were on top in the first half and in the second Villa were better which more or less evened out and with not a lot of distinguished football on view nobody really deserved the three points.

Apart for that there does seem a few disagreements. Not having been at the game means that the reports do become a way of 'keeping-up'. Who exactly is pulling his weight, who deserves another game next week and who should be loaned out asap ( apologies for sounding like Anne 'Taffy' Robinson ).

So while everyone was unanimous regarding Darren Bent, he being awarded Man of the Match in the Guardian report, there were even hints that someone out there rates Hughes and missed him when he went off. The Telegraph appears to rate Bothroyd in front of Marcus Bent, while the Guardian says he 'disappeared' after a few minutes. Who can you believe? I guess it could add up to the fact that people do have their own preferences, not least apparent while people are discussing people like Hughes and Kish.

Every club has its obvious favourites, players that can do no wrong but there will always be players that some will like and others not. I remember seeing the team run out once a few years back (well a lot of years back really) and being pleased that Paul Mortimer was playing. The guy next to me, however, had other views, 'Oh no, not Mortimer'.

At least that is maybe what I want to believe, although there does seem a worrying amount of unhappiness around among our Links at the moment from people who actually see the action for themselves.

I can only hope that we secure those 5 more points to get us into Holy Grail territory as soon as possible. With Newcastle moving above us, we now only have 2 games against teams below us in the table. Something similar is obviously on Curbs mind, as in his published views after the game curbs, he seems to be getting focused on games against the teams around us in the table.

Going back to the reports, at least the Telegraph gives us the excuse for our off second half that we have had 8 games in 29 days and explains our second half preformance as due to all these exertions as well as the trip to Newcastle in mid-week.

Full marks on the magic ball front to cynic athletic who got nearest forecast with his prediction of a 1-1 draw.

Sorry about the lateness of this post, been stuck in snow up in the mountains. Joined the queue to buy chains but they'd sold out and had to wait in a crowded bar for the snow-plough. Got home at last and then had 7 or 8 power cuts in a couple of hours during the evening. Rebooted three times but then got fed up and went to bed. The joys of rural living to central Spain.

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