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Saturday, May 06, 2006

729 All Out

The end of a season, the end of an era.

The last game of the season has come at last. Not too soon for many of us, least of all perhaps the manager. And a nice easy game to finish off with, away at Old Trafford. Predictions of 3-1 from cynicathletic, 4-0 from Pedro45 and 3-0 from Lawrenson, home wins of course, have been expressed but I don't care really. As long as its less than 10, which would be just a little embarrassing.

Just treat it for what it is - a game that we can enjoy with no worries, as fans anyway, although perhaps the players wouldn't be enjoying it quite so much. Not knowing if you've got a job next year can't be too enjoyable.

Still as fans it'll be something else. I remember a similar game in 1989, May 13th to be exact. The last game in our third successful season in the old First Division it was the only game in those three seasons that didn't mean anything. The only game that we didn't have to win to survive. It was away to Notts Forest and we lost 4-0 and in the away end nobody cared a fig. I've never seen so many happy fans at a losing match. Because it didn't matter. We were safe from relegation and the teams below us couldn't catch us. The following season we enjoyed our last season in the top flight for a few years but on that day nobody cared.

Tomorrow's game, somehow, has the same feel to it. I just hope that next season is not a repeat of the following season after that Notts Forest game. Call me Mr. Pessimistic, but I think for whoever takes over it'll be a very hard season. I can see now the vultures in the press already marking us down as relegation favourites.

So at 729 games, although not all in sole control, Curbs is saying goodbye. Perhaps Sir Ferg will send out his reserves to give our departing legend a right good sendoff. No, perhaps not.

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