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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can We Turn the Level Back to Easy?

After the euphoria of Saturday, things have calmed down a bit and the scale of our task looms large before us once again. Its a bit like one of those racing video games. They're either too easy that you're miles in front with nobody in sight that you eventually get bored rigid after 10 minutes or your brothers' turned the level to extremely difficult that no matter how many times you return to the grid it all proves so impossible that you end up crashing the thing just to get even.

So it seemed on Saturday evening. After a 4-0 thumping of the Hamsters our prospects looked a piece of cake and was starting to look just too easy, just 3 points behind the ferret fanciers and they visit the Valley in a couple of weeks. What was all the worry about? But now after Sundays result, its all turned difficult again and we're already starting to talk about life "down there" - as long as we go down fighting!

And it's all because the ferret fanciers have recovered. After their 8 straight defeats Wigan, it seems, have got it all together again. A near victory at New Highbury, than a saved penalty from the normally reliable Solano against Newcastle, "and they dared to believe again and went on to win the match courtesy of a wondrous 30-yard free kick by Taylor after Oguchi Onyewu had upended Leighton Baines. "

And, of course, like much of our season its a goal scored by someone who hasn't played or scored for years. This time it is was some geezer called Ryan Taylor, who "sidelined for most of the past year, initially with a fractured metatarsal and then a broken leg, Taylor’s goal was his first since October 2005" and therefore moves Wigan six points clear of us again.

So if you thought last Saturday was a game and a half then think again 'cause Curbs' was easy in comparison. We always beat the Hamsters, don't we, and they haven't won for years. But the game at Vicarage Rd, just like our win over Portsmouth 5 weeks ago, which was our first away win for 25 games, will be even more important and record breaking. Why, 'cause we're now going for our first consecutive Premiership win for 60 games.....

Not since Sept 24th 2005, away to West Brom, have we won two Premiership games on the trot, 60 long agonising games ago. And if you're looking to apportion management blame it works out as - under Curbs 32 games, Dowie 12, Reid 7 and Pardew 9. Of course, if it wasn't for that linesman during the Fulham game we would already have broken that dismal run and it could be that we will have reason to point to those 2 lost points at the end of the season.

But for now it's back to that bloody video game, difficult level, 'cause with Charlton nothing ever comes easy...


Kappacino Kid said...

Forget Wigan, if you do the BBC results predictor, you'll see its Man City and Sheff U who finish above the two W's and below us :-O

Oggy Red said...

After Saturday, people were at last beginning to see that staying up is very much a realistic proposition - all we need to do is win one match at a time, put points on the board and do the same again.

Wigan scramble a win and all the doom-sayers are out in force again undermining the belief factor that is at last beginning to grow.

Go down fighting? What sort of half-baked logic is that?

If you think you can can.
If you think you can't, you can't.

Believe and get behind the team, we can stay up!

Start doubting choose if you want Charlton in the Premier or the Championship?

worcestershireleaburn said...

Always liked Pards as a player, the way he would ghost in and score goals. Let's hope as a team we can ghost in and stay up!