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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rommers Enjoys a Full 90

While everyone was keen to see Luke Young remain on the bench, or better still sit in the stand, over there in "Europe", I was looking forward to other enjoyments. The good news over here was that they weren't showing England's visit to geography-defying Tel Aviv on terrestrial TV so it was with a certain anticipation that I sat down to watch Denmark run out at the Bernibow against Spain with the Addicks very own Dennis Rommedahl out there on the right wing.

When you live away from the UK, watching England labouring to produce anything is I suppose one way of reafirming ones place of birth but when it really comes to the crunch there's nothing better that watching one of Charlton's players turn out in an international shirt, even if its in the white of Denmark.

Our Dennis played the full 90, which was in serious doubt when defender Niclas Jenson got himself sent-off after 20 minutes because of course Dennis is normally one of the first to be sacrified, but he had up till then seen plenty of the ball so manager Morten Olsen decided to leave the team as it was. Dennis kept himself busy taking all the corners and most of the free-kicks and although hardly a thorn in Spains side he nevertheless provided a few dangerous crosses. There were times though when it was obvious that his mind was on other things and leaving defending to his bigger chums at the back he seemed determined to keep himself fit for more important games to come.

Early one he found a bit of space in the penalty area and managed to get a shot in on target. Fortunately, knowing Dennis there was never likely to be a repeat of 2002 when unbelievably our on-loan Portuguese star Jorge Costa scored with a header against Spain, at which point I encurred the wrath of my father-in-law who singularly failed to understand my delight at seeing a Charlton player score an international goal when it was against his own country. Sadly he is no longer with us, my father-in-law as well as Jorge Costa, and of course there was never any likeihood of a repeat performance as far as Dennis is concerned.

Perhaps we'll have better luck on Wednesday because, unlike other Bloggers who are otherwise engaged, I shall have the pleasure of enjoying the Herminator captain Iceland against the might of Spain in Barcelona, on TV that is, and maybe he'll come up with a rare goal. I'll just remember to keep my mouth shut as the locals here are even less understanding than my father-in-law ever was.

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