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Thursday, November 08, 2007

We Want a Hatful.......

Just like the Arse of old, another 1-0 win away from home and three more points in the bag but oddly enough nobodys' calling us boring yet. With a 5 man midfield with two wide men and Sammy Sodje getting settled into defence, one goal is all it takes just now the take away the points.
But after reading Tuesday's report a dozen times, savouring the tasty bits, I turned to the back page and it seems there were other games that night. And after enviously reading the reports on Liverpools 8 goals and then watching the dog enjoying no less than 6 dumps in the park this morning, I got to thinking. One goal scored with a return of three points is all very well and don't think I being picky and unapprecative but just exactly when are the Addicks, with all the chances apparently being created, going to do the same and dump on someone.
Check the figures, after a bad run I know, but its only 4 goals in the last 6 games. In the last 9 games a meagre return of 8 goals. From a team that early in the season we were proud to say scored in every game, it's becoming painfully obvious that, while we have definitely strengthened the back line and no-one worries these days about the midfield, up front we are still struggling to convert our chances.
Meanwhile the Fizzies 2 front runners, Watford and West Brom are putting the skates on and are currently enjoying goal differences of 11 and 15 respectively. The Addicks can boast just 4 and that low return could work against us as the end of the season if we end-up level on points with anyone.
And while we have accumulated the points alright in scoring 19 times, there's no less than 10 teams in the fizzies that have outscored us, including such low-fliers as Colchester with Kevin up front.
Remember the 4-0 thrashing of the Hamsters back in distant days of freezing February? Only once since then in 25 games have we scored more than twice in a game and surprisingly enough that was when we were 2 goals down to Sheff. Wed in August. Well, needs must, Pards. Its no good basking in the sun and taking a breather after two amazing results at Southampton and Bristol. No, we want more.
And it's the visit on Saturday of Cardiff City and one of our unfortunate ex's, codenamed JFH, that we demand it. Let's have no more talk of wasting our energy booing the useless bugger. No, we want results and as he lopps off the pitch at the end of it all, we want to say "hey Jim, look how we've moved on after you", by blasting no less than 8 goals past his hapless goalkeeper.

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