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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Looking Forward to Blackpool.....

With only 2 wins from our last 10 home games, they'll be plenty of hopeful fans making their way to SE7 this weekend. Shame that most of those will be from Blackpool, while the locals in attendence will be praying, when they're not booing that is, for a return to normality.
The Seasiders (!) meanwhile will be hoping for more of the same, because their recent form is everything that ours is not. With the 5th best record in the Division over the last 8 games with only 6 goals conceded - only Palarse have conceded less - and unbeaten in their last 4 Fizzy games - including home wins over Burnley 3-0 and Coventry 4-0 - and a 2-1 away win at Colchester, while the only recent blip has been a relatively tame 1-1 draw at Bramall Lane.......So a very impressive record of late, especially when compared with that 2 from 10 record of ours.
As far as the seasons concerned, they're on 33 points, 6 off the Play-Offs, and down there in 14th place. But they'll point to a dire period in October and November as the reason for that when they won only 1 game in 10 and suffered 6 away defeats on the trot.
Since then, as mentioned, they have recovered well and while their current form is far better than ours there remain a few similarities.
While the Addicks have scored more goals, 36 to 34, we've both conceded 31 goals and have near identical records when the opponents score first. It's happened 10 times to Blackpool and 11 times to the Addicks and from that losing position we've both managed to collect just 6 points all season, they from 6 draws and the Addicks with 1 win and 3 draws.
Conversely when the Addicks have scored first and we've done it in 16 games, one less than the most, WBA, we've gone on to collect 34 pts.
Lets hope then that Pards can get some missing fire into the team by perhaps retaining- if not the players - then at least the formation from last weekends 1-1 with West Brom when after weeks of dire attacking football, we at last seemed to know where the goal was with a massive 13 shots on target. That only one found the net was due mainly to the performance of MOM Deano but it perhaps reflects our lack of a decent striker.
And to further avoid the title of Worse-Shots in the Fizzies - we've now second behind Southampton - all we need now is a little more work in the accuracy department, or maybe the acquisition of another Clive Mendonca....

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Wyn Grant said...

This is all quite depressing - although useful - and makes me wonder why I am going. I suppose my one consolation would be that just as one cannot read results off the table, one cannot read them off the form table - although I suspect that the latter works better as a predictor.