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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Scunthorpe 1 Charlton 0

S**t, Mie**a, M**de, its all the same in any language. Just when you all thought that the corner had been turned and its all downhill from now on, with the foot firmly on the peddle, its a further breakdown. A time for kicking the cat, if you've got one, a stiff drink and forgetting, for the moment anyway, about next Friday.
And you can't say I didn't warn you Pards, about our performances against the 'lowly teams'. Whilst our record against the top 6 record is pretty good and our results against the top half teams second only to West Brom, our record against the supposedly weak is, well, weak. Prior to yesterday we'd only won 9 points from our 7 games against the bottom 6, and its only been improved now thanks to QPR moving up the table and pushing Leicester into trouble.
And if there's anyone that needs reminding of our record breaking skills, here's a resume.
October 27 - QPR, 1 win in 12, bottom of the table - Result 0-1.
January 1 - Colchester, 1 win in 14 games, and bottom of the table, Result 1-2. February 2 - Scunthorpe, 1 win in 18, 2nd to bottom - Result 0-1.
Can anyone see a pattern here, apart from things seeming to get worse?
Yes, we just love playing teams on a bit of a run. And to confuse you even more, we are able to do it both ways. Stoke City, 12 games unbeaten, no problem; Bristol City, unbeaten at home since March, no sweat and we then stopped Southampton scoring for the first time in 32 games. All with 1-0 wins.
What can you make of it? Perhaps it's because we've still a new team put together in the last year and still learning but it does just serve to illustrate our inconsistency and our Jekyll and Hyde character.
As for yesterday, perhaps it's all my fault for failing to tell Pards about this Martin Paterson character. He was on 11 goals for the season, but now, of course, has 12 and in a team not only 2nd to bottom in the table and also 2nd lowest in goals scored as well.
However, as for the match, if you need to know any more after reading blackheathaddicted you must be a sucker for punishment and thankfully, at least, there's precious little about.
There's a round-up in the telegraph that won't tell you much, while in the posh_m there's more mystery and confusion as they just can't understand 'how Pardew’s men returned to London pointless is something of a mystery.' And perhaps equally we can't understand who Dean Thomas is, though it'll be no surprise to see that they gave a top mark, in our team anyway, to Matty Holland.
And if there is a best from the papers/football sites, I've saved it till last with the sportinglife providing the best report but cruelly pointing the finger at the culprits but giving both managers the chance to air their views.
The Addicks: Weaver; Moutaouakil (McLeod 87), McCarthy, Bougherra, Youga; Sam (J Thomas 46), Holland, Zheng, Ambrose; Gray, Varney (Iwelumo 62).
Subs (not used): Randolph, Semedo.
Booked: Varney 40 (dissent), Bougherra 57 (foul on Horsfield), Youga 90 (foul on Paterson).

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