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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disgusted Valley

I was going to discuss in detail the various merits of two of our current midfielders but I've just noticed something else that demands some instant attention.
I'm referring, of course, to the advert on forevercharlton relating to bloody Royal Madrid. How can this happen? Have we reached such a position of low groveling that, not only are we having to beat off offers for one of our sole remaining stars from legendary giants Wigan, but are now acting as advertising agents for selling a god-damn hymn in f**ing Spanish, excuse my French, for one of the most enormous sporting (sic) monstrosities in the world.
We're Charlton, and supposed to have values, to be a family club, passed from father to son, support your local team and all that. What are we doing peddlaring this stuff? These people are the very opposite of what we are. They've got their own newspapers and TV. They've even got their own bloody plane for gods sake.
The sense of shame at the destruction of all of our values is enormous. How can we walk down the street now with our heads held high, which was proving hard enough anyway after the season we're just had, when we're reduced to the modern equivelant of wearing those advertising boards make famous in the thirties. If it was our own stuff we were flogging it would be different but this! Its....., words fail me.
Even in the distant Third Division days we never had to trawl such low ebbs. We've always managed to put a brave face on it, show our grit and determination, there was always the next game to recover ourselves, always next week to look forward to a comeback. But now, what!
Will we be advertising shirts for the Arse, Fulham's seasonal 2007-08 CD showing how Murphy-Man helped in their escape, and the big nightmare, will we stoop to such depths by helping to sell tickets for Palarse's pre-season trip to Dulwich?
You might argue that we need the cash, it's a consumer society mate, it's what happens. Well, sorry, shit happens but I don't like it any better.
We need to fight these elites and keep their influence at arms length. We need banners saying "Support Your Local Team" and "Join The Valley Express", not carrying adverts for these abominations. And what about the children? Is this ad safe for their eyes. What if little Jonny looks over my shoulder and asks me "Whats that mean Dad?"
So to help us get back our sanity and to rectify matters, here is a website for a club of similar status and standing to our own. If you want a bit of foreign action, support someone that going to appreciate you and give you value for your hard-earned cash. Valladolid's the name, currently struggling to avoid relegation from La Liga, and no, I don't get a penny, or cent, of any sales.
More's the pity......

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