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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Spanish Connections....

Telephone conversation between Joaquin Caparros, manager of Athletic Bilbao and Roberto Martinez, manager of Swansea, apparently overheard by a Telefonica employee yesterday..
"Hola, Joaquin, its Roberto Martinez, howsa things in Bilbao."
"Oh, hiya, Roberto, its sure a tado hotter here than in that Engerland of yours."
"Hey, mind your geography, Swansea's in Wales boyo. Anyways up, I wanted to ask you about the team you played in London town last weekend, 'cause we've got them on Saturday."
"Oh, Charlton. Well, you can forget all that premiership stuff. They've got money problems and had to get rid of all their stars and its just kids now. You'll have no problems Roberto, all their experienced players are either injured or at the Olympics."
"But what are their strengths?"
"Well, to be honesto with you I didn't see any. A steady central defence I suppose, but then one of them got injured. And with two young full-backs, one playing out of position, a couple of wide men that promise much but didn't deliver and a two-man midfield of a 16 year old and a Frenchman that looked as if they had just meet. We flooded midfield and their two strikers didn't see much of the ball."
"So what advice, Joaquin, do I givea to my Swans?"
"Easy, Roberto. Check their home record, one win in the last 7, 11th place finish, the whole team seemed nervous to me. So stifle the two man midfield and play with a single striker. As you've got strikers injured should be just the ticket. Its a new division for you, so give the players an hour to get used to it and then go for the win. You'll probably winna 1-0, just like we did...."

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