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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Comparison Between Premier and League One

Yesterday I came across the news that one of our ex's Jerome Thomas is being 'trialled' by Premiership Hull City. After an anonymous year with injuries and only three appearances with Harry at Portsmouth on a one year deal, which not surprisingly has not been renewed, 26 year old Jerry is now a 'free agent' offering his services to anyone willing to pay.
Now I'm sure there will be many among us who would like to give Phil Brown some helpful advice to assist him during the 10 day trial period and also ask the question why he is termed ex-Portsmouth when he's pictured wearing a Charlton shirt.
The article, on the official Hull City website, consists of no less than 4 paragraphs along with the said picture and definitely illustrates, for those that want to know, how such arrangements can be communicated to anyone who cares. We were, once upon a time, (bit of a story for the children now), famed throughout the land as an example of how a football club should be run and I'm sure that you can all give me examples to prove that point. But now, although admittably in a very difficult period for the club, all we got from our recent Irish tour was a couple of A N Other's to indicate the appearance of a triallist or two in a Charlton shirt and along with, apparently, a discouragement to advertise any names if you managed to find them out.
The question is why Hull City are able to indicate the names of players on trial, where we cannot, can only further demonstate the fallen status of our club in the football world where player names are hidden from us and ex-players, even when shown in our red shirts, are described as coming from somewhere else.
Thankfully things seem to have improved over the past few days for in the current report via Forest Green we were at last spared the exact searching to find out who played for us. Former Gillingham and Lincoln defender Aaron Brown and former Sheffield Wednesday winger Wade Small were the two triallists. Whether that was because triallist Chris McCready had already shown what it takes to get a mention by actually scoring against Bray the previous Wednesday remains to be seen.
The newcomers against Wexford Youth turned out to be Swansea defender O'Leary ( if you need further info check out the splendid open doors policy at swansea) and ex-Arse left-winger Graham Barrett. Whilst we can only surmise that Spanish triallist Juan Manuel Fernandez Truy, on for the second half against Welling, has by now been shown the door and sadly sent back to Barcelona.
So, whats it all mean? Well, in just these two examples of clubs, currently in Leagues above us, along with what our players have been trying to tell us all autumn, winter and spring, it would appear to supply the answer to that question that people have been bothering you with all summer - "Whats' happened?" - for obviously the answer is that we are where we deserve to be and clearly where we, currently anyway, truly belong.

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