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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Charlton v Everton Preview

David Moyes brings his team to the Valley today and while his 10th position in the table is just 1 point above us, I´m sure that far from being disappointed with the season, he´s much relieved to be where he is. Last season saw them finish fourth but for whatever the reason, this season has been a return to recent years with the early months spent in the bottom 3 while elsewhere they were ´enjoying´ their European games. A tidy reminder that a season in Europe for a group of players unaccustomed to it can often result in a dismal League campaign. It happens all over Europe and should remind us that far from being the Holy Grail that we all look towards, European football can often be nothing more than a poisoned chalice.

Anyway, back to todays business. Since our loss at Everton in December we have experienced a decent spell with only 3 defeats in the 16 games in all competions since then. Despite the 22 goals scored, its been our defence that has been the reason for such a good run with only 16 goals conceded ( and 9 of them in the 3 defeats ) so if we are to continue to enjoy the reminder of the season we can only hope that our defenders can see out the remainder of the games uninjured.

We´ve had one warning with the problem with Young so perhaps its time to do what the big boys do and plan their teams with the big games in mind. Can´t see it happening with the cautious mood of our management but I think the time is right to make wholesale changes, if only to keep the visiting Middlesbro spy in a quandary.

The only players that I can see are necessary for the game today are Myhre (he´ll have something to prove against his old team), Holland (as captain) and Marcus Bent ( ditto Myhre plus he can´t play on Wednesday). As for the rest play the reserves. Get Euell, Sorondo, Ambrose, Fortune and Spencer ( and I was going to say El Tarkouri) on the pitch as starters, plus a couple of the youngsters to see what they can prove. Put either Sankofa and Youga in the defence ( at least on the bench ) and how about having Sam or Varney in, they´ll love the experience. As the boss says we have 4 games in 10 days and we need to spread the load a little.

And make no mistake, despite the promise of money for Premier placings, its Wednesday´s game that we all want to win.

As for today´s result a draw seems the favourite with the reliable cynicathletic going for a 1-1 as does Pedro45, while the odd one out sems to be Lawro who foresees a 1-2 ( maybe he´s thinking of Wedneday as well). With our usual end-of-season drifting in mind, I´ve recently said we can expect 3 draws and 3 defeats from our last 6 games. So I cannot see beyond a point gained today and if we do play the team I expect we will put out, another 0-0 looks a likely outcome.

Just noticed that frankievalley goes for a late Charlton winner 1-0

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