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Friday, December 14, 2007

Fizzies No.22 - WBA

If you want the usual abc of reviews for tomorrow the official CAFC is the best place to start. If you didn't already know, they'll tell you about the bad run of form, especially at home, that West Brom are having since both the 19 goal striking dou of Phillips and Miller have been injured. The 4-2 defeat by Coventry is also mentioned as is the recent good history that we have when playing there.
But, what you really wanted to know was; how are Chrissie Powell and Jerry Thomas? Well, of that theres nothing. So it seems that in roughly equal fashion, while Mowbray tries to convince everyone that Kevin Phillips will have a part to play, Pardew meanwhile is not telling anyone exactly what his options are for tomorrow. In fact he goes one better by trying to convince everyone that he's going to use 2 strikers. After last weeks report of him changing the formation just to keep Ipswich guessing, I can't believe that he's going to tell Mowbray what his formation for tomorrow is going to be.
So, until tomorrow we'll just have to make a guess as to who's playing, for us anyway.
While the Addicks have the most clean sheets, eight, West Brom are the Fizzies' highest scorers with 42 goals whilst the Addicks have notched up only 30. But, they've conceded one more goal than we have and you could argue than the Addicks are a more efficient team as we've only needed to score 13 goals to get 6 away victories while their home record is the same 6 wins but 21 goals.
In fact, their home record is only good against the low teams. Four victories against teams in the bottom 8 have been meet by only 2 wins in their other 6 home games. And those two wins were against Ipswich 4-0 and Barnsley 2-0. As we know everyone beats Ipswich at home and Barnsley were obviously still suffering from the 7-0 hammering they received at the Hawthorns last year. So West Brom have so far failed to beat any of Sheff. Wed, Coventry, Stoke and Wolves at home.
So is a win possible? Checking the forecasts, the best place to start is with the bad ones and drinkingduringthegame has a bad feeling about the game and has it down as 0-3 defeat. Is he going to watch the TV I wonder? Pedro45 feels a bit better but a 0-2 defeat is his guess. There's nothing yet from anybody else I can trace and not even Killer has raised his head just yet.
OK, it seems a given that we are expected to lose, but that's what we thought going to Liverpool in May and I think that the game tomorrow is going to bring out the best in Pards and the team. So at worst its a 1-1 and I will not be surprised to see us nick the game 1-0.
Top at 5? No, we can't wait that long, and a 2-0 will see us top at three. Go for it, Pards.

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