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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bit of a Mess to Clear Up, Pards...

Euro08 contines and at last UEFA have solved the problem of how to bring some excitement to what had promised to be a boring old Group game between two first game losers. Answer, play the game under 2 inches ( that'll be 5cm then ) of water and tell the players that if you lose you go home. Step forward Switzerland and Turkey and take a bow, best game so far by miles or should it be gallons ( or litres maybe).
Meanwhile down in SE7, it seems official that both Marcus Bent and Amdy Faye, two survivors from Charlton's Premiership days, have returned to the Valley from loan spells at Wigan and Rangers.
According to News Shopper, I think it was, "Pardew had indicated throughout last season he had no desire to see either return to The Valley and now he faces the dilemma of having two high-earning players on his books".
And is reported as saying "I will sit down with both of them during pre-season and discuss what needs to be done," he added.
But what exactly is Pards going to say to them? He inherited both players, Bent being purchased by Curbs and Faye by Dowie, and right now, whatever opinion he may have had eighteen months ago, he's got to produce a team that will get us out of the fizzies and its very questionable if either player wants or can help us achieve that.
And then at the back of Pardews mind must be the fact that neither player will be keenly accepted by the fans. Common to both players is that in their case we clearly have the same opinion as Pardew and can't wait to see the back of them.
Their current wages is another stumbling black. Money is obviously a key issue here with both still apparently receiving Premiership wages.
And with Pards' ideas on grooming the youngsters, getting in players that have proved themselves at this level, and his current plan to plunder the non-league teams is there any room for two aging unwanted "premiership" players that no top class club wants?
With Todorov returning from injury and feelers out for Stuart Fleetwood, the last thing Pardew wants is another striker. There is some comparison between Todorov and Bent, both having spent a year on loan at Wigan recently, Todorov in 2006/07 - without scoring - and Bent is now 30, which Todorov will be in August, but with only 2 England U21 caps, Bent has nowhere near the pedigree or the hunger apparently as the Bulgarian with 42 caps for his country.
After 10 clubs in 14 years and a goal total of around 100 Bent obviously finds it hard to settle or is it that he's just not good enough. He's only scored 5 times for the Addicks in 38 starts with another 14 sub appearances which make even Carl Leaburns' figures of 66 from 323 starts look quite impressive. And after a return of just a single goal in Pardews' first season in charge it was a bit of a surprise to see him play in the first game of season against Scunthorpe. He scored, of course.
Three games later he was off to Wigan on loan, and after 7 goals for Wigan before Christmas, and although whenever I happened to see him on TV he seemed up for the challenge, he now hasn't scored for 18 games which has obviously prompted a negative response from Wigan and even at a snip of 1M is far too much for Brucie. He's reported as being placed on our transfer list but what happens if nobody comes calling?
As for Faye, he's now 31, has lost a "a" on his travels and after a season of distinct under-achievement at Rangers, Smith doesn't want him either. He only started 2 games and in both of them was withdrawn at half-time. Another 2 further sub appearances and that was the end of his Scottish adventure. And his team get to a European final and he's nowhere to be seen.
Is this the player that finished third with Auxerre in the French league 6 years ago and that won the French Cup in 2003? Did he really play in the Chumps League with the french and the UEFA with Newcastle? He's even played in the World Cup finals for Senegal in 2004 and got to the last 16 and got to the final of the African Cup in the same year although he missed a penalty in the shootout and lost.
With all that experience behind him and at 31 he should be at his peak right now and be playing alongside Holland in the midfield and protecting our star of the future Shelvey but no, clearly there's something very wrong.
Methinks its time for a bit of psychology on both players. They, in the twilight of their careers have come to a dead end. Its either time to prove that they can still play or have anything to teach the youngsters or they should give up and get out. Its no good putting them on the transfer list, nobodys going to bother especially with Mr Faye in his current form and with Bents' Premiership fantasies putting a block on any fizzy club matching up.
Bit of a mess to sort out, Pards. Unwanted stragglers, not the most pleasing part of management just another aspect, I'm afraid.

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