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Friday, November 07, 2008

Be Positive and Get in Their Faces.....Unquote

Home is where the heart is but Home Park is obviously not where I thought it was. Of course, Plymouth's in Devon, always has been. Obviously those tasty Cornish pasties made more of an impression than the Devon ice cream last time I was down in those western parts.
Anyway, Pards, now that we've sorted out where you're going - in the short term anyway - whats the Plan for match day? Its already been pointed out that Plymouth haven't got a single point after going behind this season but they feed 'em well down there on fresh air and those imported Cornish Pasties and they always start like there's no tomorrow, which if you lose this one they may not be. Eleven goals in the first half-hour and only 7 in the last hour paints a picture doesn't it of a team that thinks it has something to prove, but one which a simple setback, like a bulging net behind them, can serve to puncture their enthusiasm. So what's the plan?
Do we, A, shut up shop for 30 minutes and deny them any chances or B, do we hit them with another 3rd minute goal ( for the 4th time this year) and sail to victory? Hard one that but I'd go for Plan A and try to wear them down first of all before dashing down the other end but then I always was the cautious type.
But todays good news, with them being the direct type of team, is that the reason for our last defeat, the missing Linvoy Primus, is back again although it does mean that Pards will have to find a different excuse tomorrow if things don't work out. So expect a central defence of Hudson and Primus trying to stop that Paul Gallagher fella from getting more goals.
And before you pick the rest of the team perhaps we should listen to what the Plymouth manager, Paul Sturrock, says about it all. "Its a big game for us. If we were to lose again it would be three defeats in four games and the negative side of things comes back. It'll be a difficult game. We have to be positive in our approach and get in their faces."
Well, it seems that at least Pards knows what to expect 'cause he's already told us "Paul Sturrock's teams are in your face, aggressive and good at set-plays. They're always a test and if you're not up to that test, they'll beat you."
And after adding "It's tough on us; we have to play under that pressure. We need strong characters now to get us out of this mess we're in" which is quoting the obvious really but it does mean that youth is out, for the moment anyway.
So as our best players recently have been Hudson, Primus and Cranie, according to Pards, expect them all to play at Home Park with Moutaouakil at right-back. Remember that the first half-hour is vital so don't be too disappointed to see Cranie subbed at 45 minutes for a more attacking option for the second period.
So with toughness, and experience, seemingly a requirement for Plymouth, it'll mean a midfield of tough Bailey and experienced Matty with, dare I saw it, the experienced Todorov and Gray up front. No, only joking, of course not, only one of them will play with Luke alongside him and which one will depend on whether we are going to play a 4-4-2 or a defensive 4-5-1. Will Semedo play? Probably not as he's not obviously an in-your-face kind of player. And with ZiZi still missing, the hole that I can't think of anyone suitable to fill could well be our undoing tomorrow afternoon.
But, on another note, its rather encouraging, Pards, to read that you're looking for strikers because to win we have to score goals and we haven't have we?
What a shame we haven't got a Leaburn these days. The only player that scored at a "park" and nowhere else, he only netted at Villa Park, St. James Park and a third that I've forgotten but which could well have been quaint little "selhurst park", and what a dream he would have at green and homely Home Park, easy-peasy. Leaburn v Varney, now there's an interesting comparison, perhaps another day...


Eaststander said...

He scored at Old Trafford 'Park' in the FA Cup (I would still love to know whether Kim Grant's lob would have gone in).

I seemed to remember seeing him score at Upton Park as well, in a 3-1 win I think.

nelson said...

I don't think it would have, Eaststander, Schmiekal whatever his name was, took him out right in front of me and we were almost on the half-way line. It meant a lively debate at half-time but the hope of a surprise didn't last long but at least we had the last laugh when Leaburn netted.