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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Herman Upsets Raul

We're still a small club. All this talk of moving up and challenging for Europe, its just to entice the players and make us seem progressive. Even most of the players aren't fooled - over the last few years we have had people leaving or turning us down so that they can join what they see as "bigger clubs". You know the names as well as me. Just recently goalkeeper Andreas Isaksson agreed a deal but then Man. City got involved and he was tempted away. A "bigger club", well, thats a bit debatable, they finished 15th last season.

But we the fans know who we are. We don't want no big foreign investor splashing his money about on us, making us big and important. If we wanted to support a "big" team we could have done it ourselves without anyone's help. No, we actually like being the underdog, snapping at the heels of the big boys and turning them over whenever we can.

So once again its especially pleasing to turn on the TV and watch us upset someone else and put another nose out of joint.
Iceland 0 Spain 0

I told myself that HH must be there somewhere even though Gudjohnsen was nowhere to be seen. On Spanish TV, of course, all the camera work was on their own players and nowhere in the commentary was their mention of a Hreidarsson. He wasn't anywhere in defence, where could he be. Then I spotted him - wearing Number 7 - in midfield! And wearing the captain's armband no less. His job apparently was to mark Raul, the Spanish captain and prevent him enjoying his 100th cap for his country.

During the second half he moved back into defence and marshalled his team well, getting Spain offside on many occasions, getting in clearing headers and giving the full-strength opposition very few chances. He played the full 90 minutes and was a rock. And it became obvious that the reason I'd failed to spot him was that I'd forgotten one of the peculiarities of the spanish language - the 'H' is not pronounced so the commentor was calling him Capitain Rayyson!

Anyway the game finished goalless with the home side unable to capitalize on a poor Spain side. After the game the hapless Spanish captain Raul, was interviewed. No change of shirt, dripping wet and the picture of someone who obviously had not enjoyed winning his 100th cap.

Roll on the next biggie!

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