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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Monday Night Dreams

After a bad night in Milan for half of Manchester and a sad slice of England too, its all bad news for Curbs as its highly likely that now manure will really be up for it come their last home game of the season on May 13th. As for the Addicks its all down to Monday night when nothing will do except a victory. Problem is that because of that Europe thing, Spurs need the points as much as we do.

With Robbie Keane having his best season for years and getting 14 goals in his last 12 games playing alongside the Bulgarian Berbatov they've be a hard act to stop with both of them now on 21 goals each this season. Only 10 each of those have come in the League so it shows how much football they've played this season. In fact, long runs in both cups and reaching the UEFA quarters mean that Mondays game will be Spurs 56th game of the season. But will they be tired?

Tired or not, it all points to us needing a Master Plan from Pards and a lotta luck to win. All-out attack is probably not an option so its pack midfield time and hope that El Karkouri and Diawara play blinders. A single wide man and hope that Darren can slot home a cross for a 1-0. Shame that with both Thatcher and Reid otherwise indisposed we can't reply on ex-players having a say and we haven't even got Kish to kick his Bulgarian mate.

But its a Derby and anything can happen, although with so many internationals from all over the world now playing for the Addicks will they really care about local rivalry? But we can also say the same about Spurs because they've not enjoyed much in the way of success in London this year with only 1 away derby win ( against the Hamsters 4-3 in March) having lost at the Arse, Chelski and drawing at Fulham and Watford.

As for Pards, he's already tasted an away derby defeat at the hands of Spurs at White Hart lane in October with the Hammers so he wouldn't want a repeat dose. In fact he'll have fond memories of a game at Upton Park last May when he burst Spurs Champions League dreams with a 2-1 win. How he must dream of the same result come Monday.....

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Kappacino Kid said...

Won't Kish's loan period be up on Saturday? I suspect there will be no Elk either after his injury at Blackburn. I hope win or lose that the players get a standing ovation at the end, they may have dumped us in the mire but they belatedly have fought hard to extricate the club.