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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Looks Like a Busy Summer

With the number of players due to depart the addicks rising day by day - there's a nice little table on cafcpicks to help you to keep track - it's obvious things are a'changing. And if we hadn't already got the hint, the clear idea is for a bit of a clear out and a fresh start. And is finally been stated by the addicks management, according to addicktednet, with no less than ten players planned to arrive at the Valley and the same number out. At least that is how Richard Murray sees it. All the "deadwood" is apparently going - bye Kevin - 'cause Pards is demanding a "fresh approach".

However, while Curbs over the water looks set to reunited with homesick Scott Parker from Newcastle for a reported 8 very big ones, our own Pards, after raiding Colchester and Crewe, is currently reportedly sniffing around the likes of Gillingham ( midfielder Danny Spiller ) and Cork ( Joe Gamble) for his new players. How times change after the vast expenditure of last summer 'cause now we're talking free bosman type players, or at the least rather cheap transfers, and if anyone fancies a year playing in Tier 2 perhaps we'll consider the odd loan deal.

So for now we'll also have to adjust our mindset. No more tedious pondering how our internationals will do those "international" weekends, 'cause there wouldn't be any although Joe Gamble, the Cork midfielder is like Randolph and Reid a Republic of Ireland player having won his first caps just recently. Maybe we'll become a Tier 2 Republic of Ireland team, any chance of Keane on loan Mr Jol? Gamble, meanwhile, does appears to be in form right now as he's been voted into the Eircom League team of the season and was shortlisted for player of the year.

And he's another example of the clear plan to employ players that either Pards or Parkinson already have experience of, eg Iwelumo, nothing strange there, thats exactly what Curbs is doing. In this case Pards, it was, that brought Gamble to Reading in 2001 but after 3 fruitless years there without a senior game he returned to Ireland. And perhaps another boost from Parkers move to the Hamsters will be that Pards might be able to prise one of his favorites, Hayden Mullins, away from Upton Park. Once again its was Pards that took Mullins from the palarse to the Hammers.

But while the current squad continues to look to pastures new its reported, on, that someone we've never even seen, none other than injury-prone Cory Gibbs will be back from his knee injury tomorrow, June 1st, after over a year out following surgery to repair cartilage damage last June. Come to think of it it doesn't give a year so maybe its next year we're talking but after Ben Thatchers' arrival will we ever see the supposed skills that gained him 19 caps for the US of A before he too decides its time to leave? Only time will tell..

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