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Saturday, May 26, 2007

No News Day?

So what's the news this morning? Judging from the independent and their review of the England B result last night at Turf Moor, then we've already lost another player. In amongst the Owens, Barrys and Lennons was goalkeeper Scott Carson (Liverpool) who has obviously now returned to his club Liverpool. Well, he was on loan, I suppose. While over at the mass exodus continues with seemingly the Elk being the next to quit or is it released?

Meanwhile inspector sands helps us plan our summer by giving us upcoming pre-season fixture dates and we can find out that the Tier 2 season starts a bit earlier, all those extra games to fit in, on August 11th. And if anyone out there is still in denial mode, its have to end soon 'cause all the exciting forthcoming fizzy pops fixtures are apparently due out on Thursday June 14th.

And for anyone who thought the season had finished apart from the play-off final, its still struggling on over here in Spain where things always run a bit later than everywhere else. With Barca imploding recently, Royal Madrid and Barca are now neck and neck with the same points but in order to secure their first trophy in four years, the capitals team have seemingly resurrected the old rule which I thought had long gone where if teams are level on points its the head-to-head scores that count. No matter that Barca have scored twice as many goals as Real or conceded far less, its the scores between the two that count with Reals' victory at the Bernie currently proving decisive. It could all prove a bit of a numbers nightmare if Seville catch them up and the 3 teams end up with the same number of points.

Anyway, with just 3 games to go Real have the easier run-in and are desperate, after investing a ridiculous 650 million euros (436ish million real ones) in the last 5 years on transfer fees alone, to win something. Their fans are in a similar vein and unlike the Addicks where defeat can be accepted and life continues its a bit different over here when the unbelievable occurs and Real happen to lose. In a recent 2-1 defeat in little old Santander where 2 penalties were given against them, fans (!) took matters into their own hands and threatened the referee. Shades of Chelski, then.

And if anyone is sick of the press that manure get in the UK, its nothing compared to the situation here. Last weeks preview in El Pais on the Champions League final was nauseating in the extreme. The headline read "In the Hunt of Real Madrid", the first line read "Following Real Madrid...", there was a list of previous winners of the Cup with, of course, Real at the top with their 9 wins, a list of games that both teams had played in previous finals with in 1958 RM 3 Milan 2 at the top, etc, etc...

Makes you pleased that we're just ordinary Addicks, doesn't it?

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