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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Addicks in 5th Spot!

A look at the Current Form Table from sportinglife makes very nice reading. It reports form over the last six games and shows us up there in 5th position with the only teams in front being those 2 Really Big Clubs with Spurs and Everton being in 3rd and 4th positions. Bottom place is occuped, of course, by our old friends Sheff. U.

However, despite that 5th spot, its always possible, being an addick, to spot the Bad News. Yes, two of our remaining 7 games are against Spurs and Everton.

And after the visit to Everton is our crucial game against Sheffield U which is in 4 games time on April 21. Before then we face Man.City (a), Reading (h) and Everton (a), while Sheffield have Newcastle (h), Manure (a) and West Ham (h) so we could be 8 points clear of them by April 21st.

Looking at Newcastle's recent form that's not very likely ( guess who's 19th in the current form table), and although their visit to Manchester seems a waste of time there's always a home game against West Ham to lift Warnock spirits up a bit before they visit the Valley. He's even said that they have 6 winnable games left.

So from our point of view it seems vital that we get a couple of wins under our belt before we play Sheffield because afterwards we face 3 tough games in Blackburn (a), Spurs (h) and Liverpool (a) while they have games against Watford (h), Aston Villa (a) and Wigan (h). Who’s going to argue that they wouldn’t get 9 points from 9 in those 3 games.

It all comes down to us winning, not 3, but another 4 games.

Sheff U. have now lost their last 7 away games and travel to Manure before they play us so its likely that they will have lost 8 successive times on the road before the Valley but even if we beat them they could well add another 4 victories to their 31 points giving them a total of 43 points.

To get 43 points ourselves we’ll need 13 points from 7 games. That’s 4 wins and a draw. With only 3 more home games, its vitally important that we get at least one win from our visits to Man. City, Everton, Blackburn and Liverpool!

But has anyone noticed Aston Villa? With only 2 victories in their last 19 games and those against Watford and West Ham at home, last nights draw with Everton was vital for them and they now have 35 points now and face Blackburn (a), Wigan (h) over Easter then Middlesbrough (a), Portsmouth (h), Man. City (a), Sheff (h) and Bolton (a). Can you see more than 1 win for Villa in that lot?

So they may find it hard to reach 40 points with their current record. If we can get 4 points over Easter we could be just 1 point behind them as well. And with the Guardian saying that “Aston Villa continue to show relegation form”, O’Neill badly needs to find a couple of wins from somewhere to make them safe.
As for the Addicks, all we can do is keep on winning!

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