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Monday, April 02, 2007

Charlton 1 Wigan 0

Who was going to say that our favorite man this morning was going to be that unpleasant git from Bolton, Kevin Davies? He it was that 9 minutes from time put the skids under those tedious men from Sheffield to give Bolton the points at the Reebok and leave Warnocks team just 1 point away from the Addicks and with a identical goal difference.

As for the Addicks, a decisive Darren Bent penalty, that the Elk seemingly wanted to take, was enough to give the "unimpressive Addicks" - according to the independent - a second win on the trot for the first time in 64 games. But as they always say, its the sign of a good team when they can win even though they haven't played well. Thats what they always used to say about the Arse anyway.

The telegraph, seeing the crucial Easter program approaching, continues with its holy theme with "the man appointed on Christmas Eve believes this team can complete their resurrection". All we need now is for Good Friday to happen.

A "game low on quality and high on tension" was how the Observer, not surprisingly, saw the game. But what can you expect with so much at stake.

Meanwhile over there on the right is the dailymail who always love their banners and give us one labelled the "Valley of Hope".

More "degeneration as a spectacle as both sides’ nerves began to fray. Charlton’s need to win was greater" from the times as they highlight that "Suddenly they are breathing down the necks of Sheffield United and Wigan."

The sportinglife gives us lots of quotes, the most surprising being from funny old Mr Jewell who thinks "We're better than the teams down there, basically".

Unfortunately, up there in Yorkshire, Sheffield United's Neil Warnock is still up for the challenge and has learnt his lines from Pards. "I still think it's in our own hands and we're still out of the bottom three. Our form at Bramall Lane has been good and of the seven games left we can win six of them. I think we can create chances at home and it will just come down to whether we can take them or not. And there are a few other teams in it as well."

And just to remind you, of their remaining 7 games they have home games against Newcastle United, West Ham, Watford and Wigan - as well as a visit to the Valley - while a trip to Old Trafford is their only "difficult" game.

Which is just what Pards has already told us, "The real work is still to be done.”

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