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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Panic Over

Well, that's a relief. Just when we were starting the desperate search for a new captain from the likes of Thatcher and Reidie it seems that the Sunday papers were making it all up about our Captain Marvel joining forces with Harry down there on the coast. Redknapp, who tried to sign Holland four years ago, said yesterday: "I like Matty, but he's not coming here. He's a good lad, a good player. I like him a lot. But he's not somebody I'm going for."

It made for a good topic for a Monday morning but while 56% of fans voting want Young to leave in cafcpicks in a poll of 973, the same fans - well a poll of 980 - 49% wanted Holland to stay. But then 7% wanted Kev L to stay! There's also a comment from wyngrant today that Myles Weston is being targeted by Notts County after being released him from the Addicks last week. Maybe I'm missing something but Weston was among the players listed as being released in the kent-online article along with Kevin Lisbie and Kish. So has Kev quietly slipped out the door to avoid all the fuss. Could be.

And if you still continue to believe everything you read, in the fiver today there's a small comment about our Darren apparently dashing his hopes of playing alongside Berbatov at Spurs - "Ipswich could get 25% of a big fat nothing as their sell-on clause prices Spurs out of a move for Charlton's £20m Darren Bent." Well, thats all over then and it seems that Pards will have to rely on Luke Young' s money and whatever Richard and the boys can pull together. Unless we are really back to the good old days of Tier 2 football such as in 1983 when the collection boxes went round to help us buy Ronnie Moore from Rotherham.

But the really bad news this morning has to be that Pards has missed out on the summer's biggest bargain as defender (!) Titus Bramble joins Wigan on a free transfer. Pardew, keep up will you.

And if there's anyone interested, here's the website for the BBC's Fizzy Pops to help you get used to the idea of life in the second tier and plan all those exciting away days.

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