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Thursday, June 07, 2007

We're Big Fish Now

Watched "Searching for Nemo" last night. Its for kids, but I'm a sucker for searching films, people looking for something, working out clues and stuff, trying to get home just like that classic story Ulysses. Don't know why, but it reminded me of Pards really, sat with his Soccerbase bible desperately scanning the databases looking for players on the cheap. And it seems we've got another one, Paddy McCarthy from Leicester. Someone else that no body's ever heard of but what the hell, that's life now. But good to see he's taking the advice to become a Tier 2 Irish team. Randolph, Reid, skipper Holland ( from Bury), now Paddy and Joe Gamble next. Can't go buying any foreigners now Pards, they'll not be understanding them there Irish fellas. Shame that 24 year-old Paddy seems a bit injury prone though, he's been out since January with a shoulder injury.

Anyway, back to Nemo. Its all very happy stuff till old big Jaws arrives scaring everyone and hey-presto there was the Addicks connection again, I must be obsessed or something. That 'ittle fishy in the front, why that's how we were the last few seasons, struggling to survive in that big jungle thing, fighting to avoid the inevitable. Now we've swapped places and instead we've taken the part of that big ugly blue monster at the back. Big Fish. That's us now.

And it feels good. People are suddenly attracted to Charlton 'cause they think we're going places, up of course. People are clamouring to join saying we're "massive", a "big London club" and the wages aren't bad either with all that parachute dosh.

And its not just us that's looking forward to the fixtures coming out. First of all they'll all be looking for Charlton Athletic to see when they're playing the favorites, and its not favorites for relegation either. We're the bookie's favorites for Promotion, never happened before in living memory even when we were in Tier 3. And apparently it seems that the fans agreed. On the official site, 83% think we'll go straight back up to Tier One, with 65% voting us as Champions. Such confidence has never been seen before from the Addicks, perhaps its to do with the fact that Darren B hasn't moved yet. Anyway, it all makes a pleasant change from claiming mid-table Premiership boredom as the seasons goal and putting up with the TV pundits and their obsession with the other Big Boys.


Kappacino Kid said...

Would rather we were not favourites, we are going to be the Chelsea of the 2 nd tier, which is all well and good, if we were to have the equivalent money. But we are going to be targeted every time a team plays us they will see it as their cup final. There are teams in the Championship who will be as good as us and be more savvy about the level of football needed to play at this level - don't count out Wolves or WBA occupying the 1st two places at the end of next season.

charlton north-downs said...
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