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Monday, July 02, 2007

First Eleven Coming Together...

So with the Addicks reporting for training this morning we have to ask ourselves "have we got a real team together yet?" One that can made the grade and get us back up?
Well, it's quite obvious that we have. There's been several new names that have appeared recently and there are bound to be more appearing before August 11th but you can see from the current teamsheet that we're almost there. There's a good mix of eager, fit youngsters that'll chase any old story and several old-timers to add that bit of experience, nostalgia and sheer bloodymindedness!
So without further ado here's the team and with so many strikers around you'll not be surprised to see its a 4-4-2! The choice for man-between-the-sticks was difficult, but based on his deftness with the coffee cups, and therefore hopefully the half-time tea, and with his towering presence, and despite his worrying spelling mistakes, it had to be the Kappocino Kid from Forest Hill and his Hill to the Valley.
At full-back you need people that can get up and down that wing relentlessly and provide back-up to the winger so at right-back its our frequent many-miles traveller just back from Frankfurt stonemuse. At centre-back its reliability and dependability that's needed and someone that can be relied upon to know all the facts its the knowledgeable Wyn Grant, and as every back-four needs a foreign body these days he's paired with another old-timer chicago addick; well Chicago's foreign to me. And at left back, where nobody ever wants to play, it has to be Pedro45 mainly due to his having the longest list of Charlton blogs available and the fact that he's obviously half-spanish.
Now we all know midfield is important not to say vital, so we've gone for two Addicks that can take the hardest hits, stay calm under pressure and deliver, and predict, results. For his clarity and thoughtful influence in midfield, its Inspector Sands alongside relative youngster but the ever incisive and sharp newyorkaddick.
On the right it's a surprise choice northdowns selected because of his obvious ability to link up with stonemuse in their watery hobbies down that wing and over there on the left is the only place for our very own atheist blackheath addicked.
Up front its 65 miles that gets selection as anyone that continues being an Addicks fan after a 5-1 defeat at home to Luton on his first visit deserves another chance and alongside him there has to be the sharpest boy we have, never missing a trick and ever ready to made up something out of nothing, the one and only FrankieValley.
There's also a strong line-up on the bench where it's chockablock full , as my old man would say, of people that we don't see so often but that can spring a frequent surprise - confidentialrick, roehamptonaddick, upinthebox, 100milesfromhome and an old favorite jakartass who'll obviously go far, if only he can keep his mind on the football.


Kappacino Kid said...

Very good, although I could also qualify as a wide player, with this physique .. dubious spelling!!!!!

StoneMuse said...

brilliant !


nelson said...

Sorry to be picky, KK but I don't think thats how you spell "Occasional" as in "Occasional Pics" but I'm sure your handling is otherwise excellent.

Chicago Addick said...

Excellent Nelson. Where will you play? Or are you too busy at the PFA or was that another Nelson?

charlton north-downs said...

Brilliant Post and I'm so glad to be selected. I will give my all and wont waste this opportunity, unlike a certain departing player that could of had it all.

Blackheath Addicted said...

Great stuff and like CND I will give my all. Unfortunately for the team this will involve complaining as much as JFH and consuming all the pies a la Andy Reid (well, if I'm wide left it goes with the job).