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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Slav, Freddie and.....Weaver

So another forward signs for the Addicks but is it the Right One? Seems we've been chasing Freddie Eastwood for weeks now and at the last minute to agrees to sign for Wolves instead of Charlton. At the same time Svetoslav Todorov arrives to claims of good business from Pards.
Wolves, under Mick McCarthy, you may note are the bookies joint favorites, with us, at 7/1 to win the fizzy pops this year and it doesn't sound like good business to let a striker join a rival team for the sake of a couple of mill.
But who is the best of the two? Todorov is 28 and after 177 appearances at Tier 1 and 2 levels in Bulgaria and England has scored 71 goals in the process. 42 caps for his country and another 6 goals at international level. And his goalscoring touch looks very impressive after seeing the You Tube offering from newyorkaddick. Against that you have to accept that most of these goals were scored a few years ago and at last out of favour with Redknapp he's clearly after first team football and turned down the offer of a new contract at Portsmouth. He's also been injured and was out of action due to damaged knee ligaments for a couple of seasons and failed to score for 2 and a half years. And perhaps revealingly, he's only been given a one year contract by Pards while Weaver, another 28 year old, gets a 3 year deal.
Freddie Eastwood at 23, meanwhile, is a very impressive goalscorer when looking at the numbers but at non-league and Tier 2 and 3 levels although last season he managed 16 goals in a relegation season in the fizzies with Southend. 157 games and 90 goals in total. He, sadly, is a manure fan and even had two trials with them before joining Southend and even rejected a third trial "because it was too far from home" in Southend. Unlike other Romany's, he's obviously not one for roaming very far then.
So which one will has the vote? We'll just have to wait until May to find out. Have we got ourselves a bargain or have we missed out?
Whatever, Pardew continues his fixation about our forward line with the odd leap into the market for young defenders. Now he's also got himself another, more experiencd, goalie. Shame about the history. No player having reportedly suffered as much abuse as Weaver whenever he appears at the Valley so we can only guess that either Pardew is unaware or more likely is convinced that Weaver will do for us what he did for the Massives. But this is a business we're in and we can't afford to get hung up on old feelings. In fact, feelings ain't got no place here at all unless your name happens to be Chrissy Powell.
And already we're starting to lose count of the number of new players arriving. By the official count, after Todorov and Weaver its eight but what about Chelski starlet Ben Sahar and dane Martin Jensen - are they too young to count? Surely its a least nine or is it eleven now? There's a listing on cafcpicks but even they've forgotten Sahar but they have just made sections in the player listings so that you can easily see just how many forwards we have.
Counting Chrissy, who may get a game, its now a grand total of 12 with Dickson, Christensen, Iwelumo, Jensen, Varney, McCarthy, Moutaoukil, Semedo, Ben Sahar, Todorov and Weaver.

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Kappacino Kid said...

Don't think Sahar has actually joined, there has been no official announcement