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Sunday, October 15, 2006

D-Day Minus 1

D-Day minus 1 and the tension is growing in the Head Coach household.

“So have you decided on your team for tomorrow yet Dear?”
“There’s still a doubt over Jerome’s fitness for a full game and Amdie will have a late test but its starting to come together.”

“But what about Omar, dear?"
“The Uruguayan, dear. The one thats learning english with Souly and Kish”
“Oh, him. He might be ready, I'm not sure yet.”
”Well, tell me the team then. I'm dying to know.”

“Don't be silly. You don't know who could be listening.”
“Iain dear, don't get paranoiac about them neighbours again. They can't hear a thing through that wall.”
“Its not that. You don't realise how many people read this blog. Before you know it it´ll get back back to Coleman and he´ll know the team.”
“OK, Iain dear. Tell me their squad numbers”

“What! Don't be stupid - all he's got to do then is buy a program before the game to find out.”
“OK. Tell me their nicknames, then.”
“Right. But I'll do it in reverse order to really fox anyone.”

So, its benty, jimmy, hughsie, amdie, reidie, romme, the ice man, soly, el tal, youngie and scotty.”
“Oh, no! Not hughsie again. What's wrong with Omar.”
“Look. Hughsie a good player. And I've even heard McClaren is thinking of calling him up. Just ask Darren, he swears by 'im. All them great through balls."
"He swears to him more like. Well, who're the subs then?”

“Can't tell you that.”
“Why not?”
“Cause Omar hasn't got a nickname, yet. Well, a couple of the boys call him argie to wind him up. Thats nearly started a fight, I can tell you.”
“Well, call him Sharif.”
“Good idea. So its Tom the cat, Kish, Sharif, Jerry and big benty.”
“Iain dear, which one is Jerry?”
“You know, Thomas, tricky winger. Can get you points out of nothing. B**ger. Look what you made me do. Now they'll all know who the subs are.”

”Don't worry so much, Iain dear. Just wait an hour, call a press conference and tell everyone that that blog got it all wrong as usual and you´ll got loads of friends and team spirit couldn't be better. Oh, and you've never heard of anyone called Jerry."

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