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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Who's David Healy?

Its good to read that the official Charlton site have at last heard of Blogs and have given Les Reed the chance of having a few words here. And very interesting stuff it is too.

He tells us about an email he got from his mate in Dublin saying that Andy Reid was Irelands' best player in the 1-1 draw against the Czech Republic and then gives us a forecast of "9 out of the next 15 points". So everyones pretty confident inside the club as well.

But what was the man doing in Copenhagen watching Denmark v Northern Ireland? There's only one reason that I can see and that is that it was his turn to watch David Healy. He seems to have liked what he saw because it appears that Monica himself then gave him the once over at the following Northern Ireland game last Wednesday v Latvia game, where he scored the only goal of the game.

As all quiet told us via the times we're been keeping tabs on 27 year-old David Healy of Leeds for a while.

He's been scoring a lot recently and back in early September was the first Northern Irish player in 15 years to score a hat-trick in an international. As the game was against Spain, it was shown live on spanish TV. He took the three goals well, the second a replica of Chris Perrys' last season at Middlesbro but the third was his best. A long clearance from Maik Taylor, Healy ran through a static spanish defence, followed the bouncing ball and without trying to control the ball, simply lobbed Casillas from outside the box.

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