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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Days

In the good old days they used to shoot messengers of bad news. String-em-up and quarter the buggers, that'll teach 'em to go around upsetting people. So bad news was a cause of some concern and it was often ignored for as long as possible. When Stalin went into a coma, they ignored him for a whole day, so scared were they of telling him he wasn't very well.

Well, obviously Charlton fans are made of sterner stuff. All across the internet, followers of the Addicks clearly seem to have a problem with what exactly is the meaning of "bad news". Beaten again last time out, for the 6th time on 7 games, and now rock bottom of the league is clearly not appreciated as "bad news" or a situation worth worrying about. Where most people would be crawling about on their hands and knees in the garden shed looking for the rat poison, we shrug it for as nothing. "Who's next", we say?

Bad News, course it ain't, the reason is this or that, dreaming up excuses like innumerable injuries and more positive stuff than you can shake a stick at. What's going on!

One reason could be the way we're playing. We were "unlucky" against Chelski and we deserved something against The Arse. This has obviously given everyone heart and it's almost as if we are looking forward to the Fulham game, not a common occurrence for a team at the bottom.

Even our own frankie - whose prediction of an opening 8 defeats isn't so far wrong - goes for an away win and if Monica can do it on Monday - our last chance to prevent a year's winless away run - we'll carry him all the way home.

Bad News! Thats for the opponents to worry about - here come the Addicks!

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