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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear Iain

Dear Iain,

Just one thing I want to say, well several things actually. I don´t want you getting all moody and dispondent now, ´cause of what has happened. Its normal to get upset and angry but that doesn´t do no good does it? There´s another game coming and you´ve got to be thinking of that.

You´ve got to be tough and make tough choices. I´m not going to give any advice, you know what needs to be done. You had to build a new ´cause the old wasn´t good enough, we all know that. The teams improved since last year, with your new players Carson, Diawara, Reid, Faye, all good additions and better, obviously than the players from last year.

But the most important new addition is You. So we need to look after you by supporting you. There´s no talk about Saturday being break or bust, its just another game in the 38 we have to play. Keep being positive to get them players heads up and it´ll turn around.

And don´t you go thinking you´re on your own in this situation, man at the top, lonely life and all that. No, you´re got 20,000 people in this boat with you, all supporting you. There´s a couple of hundred tossers, of course, there always is, always complaining about life and how hard it is but come hell or high water the most of us we´ll keep shouting, "Come on you Addicks".

What did you think? That we were out there crying and looking miserable and depressed just ´cause we´re losing. F**k No! We´re Charlton fans, we´re as tough as old boots, we´ve been there before, so don´t go getting worried about us.

And don´t you get worried about any pressure - pressure is what you have when your names Fabio Capello, and your 5 points behind Barca and just lost to a team from a little suburb of Madrid without even managing a shot on target. That´s pressure.

Bottom of the league, bah! We all knew we´d lost the first 8, in fact we´ve done better than we thought by getting 3 points. In fact some people are even enjoying it!

And we know Rome wasn´t built in a day. So forget last night, that´s past news. Just tell us, who the F**k is Next!

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