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Monday, August 20, 2007

Crisis, what Crisis!

Crisis, is that's what its called? Only two points won out of a possible 9 and a scant 4 teams below them in the League and heads are being frantically scratched. They are just not used to this, don't they know who we are? All that money spent and still no win, what's going on?
Yes, its all question marks but who the 'ell are we talking about? Manure, of course. Things up there are going from bad to worse as they've now lost the rainy-city derby 0-1 to City for gods sake. Will this torture never end?
Not to put too fine a point on it, the fans are unhappy. They don't support a team like manure and expect all this. They expect results and good ones and its currently suicide time up there, well, all over the country really.
Meanwhile, back in the real world and as a simple comparison, the Addicks are performing exactly as expected. There were many that dreamt of win after boring win over the 'Neanderthal second graders' - acknowledgements to cafcpicks - but hang about, did we need a reality check, or what? We're Charlton, little old Charlton and all them Premiership ideas of superiority have obviously taken a lot longer than expected to shake off.
Well, Pards has managed that. He said he wanted to get rid of our Premiership egos and after just two games that has been well and truly achieved. And there's more. Nobody liked the tag of 'favorites', us 'favorites', what's going on? And it was obvious for all to see that Scunthorpe thought they'd won the World Cup last Saturday by getting a point at the Valley. They were playing the Favorites and 100% effort was needed.
But after just 120 minutes played, things have changed. A quick shufti at the splendid spreadsheet on oddschecker will confirm that Watford are now firm favorites to win the thing and we're not even second, Wolves are.
And as a further example of our current status, the Guardian in its brief look at the fizzies, singles out the games involving Watford, Palarse, Wolves and West Brom as worthy of comment whilst ignoring the rest of us. That's fine with me. Doom and Gloom? Get away, that's for them sad people mentioned in the first paragraph.
The Big Question has to be, was it all planned? Did Pards deliberately set-off to dispense with the Favorite Tag to give us a better chance? You bet. Nothing gets past this smart alec. He's got it all panned out. Even now he's psyching-up the boss to let him have a few grand more to bolster the defence and he'll get it.
Meanwhile, we can sit back and enjoy the Big Boys comeuppance. Over here Real Madrid continue to struggle and let in 5 (five) at home last night, manure continue their worst start for 15 years and Jol and Fergie are checking their backs to see if the knives are drawn. And sitting pretty at the top of it all? That'll be Sven and in the fizzies it's tough guys Stoke and Watford. Can't possibly last can it?
And what of our next victims, Sheffield Wednesday? Why, they're bottom, seven goals conceded already and they're expecting a right spanking come the weekend. Or maybe not...

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Anonymous said...

Well said Nelson. Remember our season after relegation when we played Fulham and lost on that gloriously sunny day? We needed pulling up by our boot straps and also, as we did on Saturday, a reality check. I never expected us to win at Stoke. The various blogger reviews coming from the game are somewhat contradictory so I don't know whether we played well or not. However we don't need to play well, although that would be a bonus, we need to win and the sooner we grasp that the better. It would be nice too if we could hold on to a lead for more than a few minutes too.