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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jerry - Off or Not?

Oh dear, seems there is more than one Jerome Thomas in the world. Bad news when you thought you were it. And that in a nutshell, with the key news this morning appearing to be the pending sale of Jerry Thomas to Derby for £3.25M, explains the feeling on the streets. He's just too self-important to be an "Addick".
There's many a view on the potential loss of Thomas, but the general consensus seems to be that it's a good return on Curbs' 100K investment back in 2003 to wave goodbye to a moody "star", although many point to the worrying empty spaces on the left wing last Saturday and who's now going to fill them, or even it.
But is there any truth in the story and there's many Addicks that rightly tend to ignore any transfer reporting, and who can blame them, as much of it appears to be a figment of a sad journalists imagination although more sadly its ourselves that continue to behave like spectators at a circus eager for any sign of movement but painfully having to watch events unfold from behind frosted glass.
And the frosted glass this time seems to be twisting events more than usual because I do recall - and I hate to do it but I'm going to anyway - on August 4th, Pards told us "There's good news that Jerome has committed himself for the year, Andy Reid has too - and Jon Fortune has told me today that he wants to stay. Jerome knows that he needs a good year. He understands me as a manager and I understand him as a player, which is important. We had a chat this week and I'm very pleased he wants to stay.” It's not surprising that more and more fans and turning into cynical little whatsits.
As usual we'll just have to wait and see what happens although once again we'll probably never know what the truth of the matter was.
Back to reality and in a determined effort to find out more about Tuesday's win over Swindon and after lengthy surfing another report on the Swindon game has been traced. In a slightly biased report - its a Swindon site - one of the more worrying statements was that "It was difficult to tell at times that Swindon had just come up from League Two while Charlton had just slipped out of the Premiership"
On a brighter note, our new star Yassin was named in the first fizzy-pop team of the week here, among such notables as Stephen Crainley, Johnnie Jackson, Darren Carter and Alan Lee....another reminder if you needed one of the current state of affairs and a far cry from the days when we knew every one of the opposition players. This is a different world and no doubt we'll become more acquainted with them, painfully sometimes, as the season progresses - and we'll have to wait till December 8th to see the 28 year old Irishman Alan Lee and his impressive record of 22 goals from 58 odd Ipswich games.
And to end today with some more sad news, its reported on the beeb that Jimmy F's is still looking for dosh, sorry work, now that his move to Leicester is off. Seems the canny Martin Allen wanted to have a months look-see before deciding whether he was worth it or not. Martin...he's not.


Anonymous said...

I went to Swindon and we played some really good football. Never in danger. We looked at least a class above Swindon with long spells of possession with no Swindon player getting close. I don't really understand the negativity from most bloggers.
Keep the faith

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a bit fed up with the doom and gloom merchants too, ridiculous and apparently Man Yoo are on the verge of relegation too along with Spurs! It's just plain daft. I thought we played ok on Saturday and am inclined to believe that we played well within ourselves on Tuesday. It's very early days and there are glimpses of promises and two good games from a Bent 2 cannot be ignored either.

Chicago Addick said...

I was there Saturday and came away very positive as did everyone I know.

By the way Nelson. I said the same on Saturday about not knowing what players look like. Gone are the days when we sign someone and an instant image comes into ones head. Or when an opposition player scores or does something good, a quick glance at the programme is what is needed - just like the old days eh?