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Monday, August 06, 2007

Reality Check Ahead?

Only 6 days to go till kick-off and after the weekends defeat, a lack of how shall we say it - MIDFIELD SIGNINGS -, and the unsettling news from Monsieur Blanc of Bordeaux that he rather fancies having Souly in his team, there's not the same enthusiasm in the air as we had a couple of weeks ago.
We're still the favorites at 6/1 to left the trophy but while we were losing to Braga, Ipswich were beating Panathinaikos 2-0, Palarse were drawing with Everton 0-0, Cardiff were beating FC Twente Enschede 1-0 and West Brom were beating SC Heerenveen 3-1.
So its reassuring to read that Pards has his feet firmly on the ground or so it seems from an article in the independent. Although the article is dated 5th August, it does seem to date before Brian Hughes left the club but nevertheless Pardew seems to warn us of over-optimism and says we should leave any Premier ego we may still have at home before Saturdays game 'cause this is the fizzies we're in now.
And to let us know whats in store for the next 9 months, there's some key phases to remember: "It is important you know the road that has to be travelled", "the teams that go up are those that react well to defeats" and "giving the opposing teams respect". Surely he's forgotten to add "but we expect to give Scunthorpe a good tonking".
Meanwhile, everybody these days is doing a "Poll". Vote here and let us have your opinion. CAFCPicks has a new one every week - Pards, people seem to want Cole - , on the official site 73% of fans voted that they want at least 2 more signings, and even the Kappacino Kid had one a couple of days ago on the Iron result.
My question would have to be, that's if I had any idea how to create one of them Polls, would be: Who do you think will play the most games in the Addicks midfield this season?

1) Holland,
2) Faye,
3) Semedo,
4) Sinclair,
5) Reid,
6) Ambrose,
7) Thomas or
8) AN Other???
And I'll have to leave you with that conundrum for a few days as I'll be taking a short reality check myself as I swap the green valleys of Spain for the rather more homesome delights of....downtown Dartford. See you at the chippie...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ah amigo
from your list i would have to say thomas,reid,semedo,ambrose(or holland) ??

si ?