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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finding Out the Weakness

Go to a Job Interview and the worst question they'll ask you is to name one of your weaknesses. Nobody likes to admit that there's something they're not very good at and its natural to try to hide the fact and that's probably why the buggers are asking the question in the first place. They want to see your response and make no mistake, it will be carefully noted. If you're smart you can use a bit of lateral thinking to sidestep the issue, you could try a spot of humour or you could just lie, confident in the knowledge that by the time they find out the truth you'll have got the job.
So I bet Pards is right now saying thanks to the fixture boys, giving us a right testing from the word go. Its all very well in pre-season to arrange the sort of games that will get the players fit but its pitting yourselves against the toughest in the Division that will highlight any weaknesses in the team. Nobody likes to have a weakness, the rest of the players see it and it ruins their confidence so its important to spot any as soon as possible.
There's no doubt that our opponents in the fizzies will be looking at our strengths and making sure they're all covered, but the area that they'll be keen to capitalize on are our weaknesses. They'll all have their spies out and they'll be watching the videos to analyse what it is that the Addicks are not very good at.
So we can thank Stoke for giving our management a chance to look at how we really are against a team modelled on hard work and strength. And there'll be further tests coming up soon in a tough derby at Palarse and then a trip to Colchester, another team with a very home record last season.
The consequent defeat at the Britannia has given Pards some thinking to do and and he'll have to decide how in future he deals with a similar problem. There's obviously a reason that the transfer window ends after the season has started and he's got just 10 days now to assess what he's got and make sure it's good enough for the long haul ahead and what better preparation could he have had to help him decide than a trip to the Britannia to help him do just that.
A new centre-half then? It's clear that we need another central defender after Diawara's recent exit but has Pards thought about Amady? Forgotten-man Faye had one of his best games for the Addicks as a makeshift centre-half against Bolton last season so why not stick him in next week against Stockport alongside his mate Chrissie P? It could be the start of new career.
And speaking of a new career, it seems we have an apology to make regarding Jerry T and his imminent departure. With the news yesterday that Derby have signed Eddie Lewis, the American left-winger from Leeds, it would seem that our Jerry is not leaving the Valley at the moment. And it has to be said that yet another season in a relegation battle couldn't have been very tempting.

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