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Monday, September 17, 2007

Abuse From the Fans?

Starved of the written word, another match report has miraculously surfaced over at theguardian and its worth a read if only to see Kevin's post-match comments.
Seems he noticed the abuse that the guy behind me always gave him and after leaving us he's enjoying life again and was overjoyed at scoring against us. He's still got "a lot of love for Charlton and the management" and he added, "It would have been nice to get the winner, too. That would have made my year."
Shock horror. The little
But I guess that that explains very well the difference between a player, even one of 11 years, and a fan. He says that "I've got a lot of friends in that team" and he obviously enjoyed the feeling of scoring against them.
Ex-players! Of course they want to score against their mates from their old team, they're only human even Kevin Lisbie. To them its a job and a game of football and its only the fans with their bizarre belief in life-long loyalty that get all upset.
And should the fact that he celebrated the goal upset us? No, not really, perhaps more ridiculous is the kissing-of-the-shirt by some players but nevertheless we should appreciate the altitude of Chris Iwelumo who talks of respect and said that he wouldn't celebrate a goal in front of his old fans. Shame he didn't get the chance to show us.
But I don't think I'm alone when I say good luck to you, Kevin. Glad you're enjoying football again. Just don't score at the Valley in the return.
Now that I've gone all sensitive, I've noticed other words that appear in the report, like "fortuitously" that caught my eye. Why is it that I always get the idea that they don't like us at the Guardian. After being last years Premier joke, now its fortuitous that we reach 5th place. Poor 'ittle Colchester struggling to build a new 10,000 (?) seat stadium while Big Charlton with their Parachute money can't even beat 10 men. And just to twist the knife, they ignore Andy Reid and ZiZi and give MOM to Mark Yeates who played less than an hour and was so good that he was sacrificed when they went down to 10 men.
I guess its another example of the reality of life, some people like you and others don't. And these Guardian boys, unlike Kevin Lisbie, don't like us. But, unlike Kevin, they have a more obvious way of showing it.

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