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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Predictions for Today.....

So far 5 people have put their heads on the block and made a prediction for today and every single of them has opted for an Addicks victory against 'ittle old Colchester and who can blame them. Three wins in a row and everyones obviously full of confidence that we'll get another 3 points.

Jack, our man from the West, thinks its gonna be a 4-4-2 layout at Layer Road and sees a 3-1 win, while Killer, thinking that we always do well there, like everyone forgets the bad times and has lost track of the two defeats in the League 0-3 and 0-2 that he played in, but remembers the 3-2 League Cup win in August 1978 where he scored, and sees another win, 2-1 this time.
newyorkaddick also goes for a 2-1 win, with a 4-5-1 lone striker formation, with Iwelumo and hot-shot Ambrose on the scoresheet.
WynGrant predicts a 3-2 win while Pedro45 predicts a 4-4-2 and another 3-1 win.
So that's 5 predictions so far and 5 wins. Nobody it seems is having nightmares at the thought of meeting a resurgant Kevin Lisbie although most people seem to think he'll score. But will he celebrate? Is he going to enjoy sticking that ball away today?
Well, Colchester old-boy Chris Iwelumo says, if he scores it'll be nice, but he's not going to celebrate, "just to show his respects" and just to emphasize the Addicks strengths in attack he outlined the attributes of the three other strikers in an article yesterday claiming that all four are very different.
It requires a certain knowledge of current footballing terminology but his summing-up is very concise for a footballer and contains no umms, you knows or other irritations: "Izale McLeod's very strong in the air, he's fast and gets in behind, Luke Varney plays on the shoulder but also likes coming to feet, and Toddy's just that man that floats in there, scores goals and comes to feet."
There only remained to find out similar details for Chris himself and thus it was that I came across this blog with the title 'Todos temen ir a Layer Road' . Skipping the tedium that its all in Spanish, it does reveal the disturbing fact that last season going to 'ittle Colchester was feared by everyone. Written in January 2007 it tells the story of the first few months of newcomers Colchester introduction to the fizzies. Two opening defeats at home and promotion chasing Derby County came calling at Layer Road in the third home game of the season expecting another easy 3 points.
The result - a 4-3 home victory for Colchester that was followed by an impressive sequence of 9 successive home wins......Beware Pards...

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Anonymous said...

even if we don't win, we can still bask in the glory of the palace game. See the goal here...