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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Colchester 2 Charlton 2

A second fight-back from a 0-2 deficit this season after only 5 games saw us get a point from Layer Road where so many lost last season. The Divisions leading goalscorers helped themselves to a 2 goal lead with goals in the 32th and 38th minutes, the second scored of course by Kev...
With the Addicks first first-half goal of the fizzy pop season scored by Todorov in stoppage time - after 225 minutes of trying - for the second game running Jerry Thomas was then sacrificed - this time at half-time - and Andy Reid was brought on.
And as always our second half performance improved, with according to most observers, the turning point being a 55 minute thorough-ball from Reid, from his own half, that split the Colchester defence and ended up with Iwelumo being upended when clear on goal. The defender was send-off and that was the end of Colchester's hopes of victory.
Todorov then 'hobbled off' on 72 minutes with Lloyd Sam coming on, and this time it was our Chinaman making his name up front with the important goal. ZiZi promptly scored the equaliser from close range in the next minute after a pass from Luke Varney who had replaced a injuried Iwelumo in the 68 minute.
Rob Maul in the posh murdoch gives MOM to Andy Reid, and anyone who saw him play for the Irish on Wednesday wouldn't be surprised with that. And there's no surprise either at 5' 8" Lisbie's 'excellent header' in a crowded goalmouth from a corner. Bring on Sam Sodje. There's also the famous player scores with Ambrose, ZiZi, Reid and Iwelumo all getting a top mark of 7.
In the sportinglife there's a few comments from both managers regarding the sending-off and the effect it had on the game. At home the cafc site remarks on our 'Jekyll and Hyde tendencies' while away the Colchester site obviously sees things slightly differently.
And then there's the beebs few words to round off the reports.
Frequently our only mention in some papers now is to be included in match round-ups and so it is in the telegraph although in the Guardian/Observer they don't even bother with that.
So we move into 5th spot with two home games in a week to confirm our hopes of success this season. But its still early days and perhaps worth noting that the two clubs in the two promotion spots last season after 5 games were Cardiff and Norwich who finished up 13th and 16th...
Of more concern to Pards will be the fact that we have conceded 9 goals in the last 5 games, so it'll be a surprise if he doesn't make a change to his defence come Tuesday against 13th placed Norwich who managed a 1-0 home win over Palarse yesterday but in comparison to high-scoring Colchester have only managed 1 goal away from home so far this season.
The Addicks: Weaver; Mills, McCarthy, Fortune, Powell; J Thomas (Reid 46), Semedo, Zheng, Ambrose; Todorov (Sam 72), Iwelumo (Varney 68).
Subs (not used): Randolph, Racon.
Goals: Todorov 45, Zheng 73

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Wyn Grant said...

There was quite a full report in the Sunday Times. BTW, I am in Spain at the moment.