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Monday, September 03, 2007

Getting Stuck In!!

So Monday morning after the euphoria of a derby win over the useless buggers from Croydon.
And probably the most pleasing thing about the whole game has been the various reports of something called Passion. And passion shown from everyone, players, the boss and the fans. Our stonemuse saw it all and, apart from the feelings shown, uses a phase that they don't know in the "other League" - getting stuck in - can't remember any of last years players ever earning that accolade.
The inspector was also in the attendence and appears to have rounded off a superb weekend by meeting Andy Reid down the pub!
Anyway, 4 of them fizzy games played and a couple of cup games and where are we. Twelve goals scored in the 6 games, and spread out amongst 8 players with a healthy 5 scored by the strikers and the other 7 by the midfield/defence!
During the dark depths of last season it took us until November 4th ( eg nearly three months ) to score 12 and only 3 players had managed to find the net ( Darren had got 8 and the other two you can guess 'cause they've both left ). And so busy were the midfield doing other things that it took 17 games before a midfielder scored, whereas already we have Reid, Ambrose, ZiZi and Sam on the scoresheet as well as a defender, Paddy Mc.
But so far Pards, there's one little niggle. We still haven't scored in the first half in all them fizzy games and how we gonna strike fear in them other teams if we piss about in the first half sussing things out?
Its all very well your half-time team talk to sort things out and then changing things around for the second half. But when are we gonna hit teams from the off, scare a few people. We gotta practise for next season and OK, we did score in the first half against Stockport but the shock was just too much and we then conceded 3 quick goals!
And not only that but, of the five points we have dropped against Scunthorpe and Stoke we were in front in both games but failed to hold on to a lead and there's only one other team in the Division that has thrown away so many points and no, I don't know who they are.
But on the plus side, it also seems there's only one team so far in the fizzies that's come from behind in an game and went on to win it and that'll be us. Well, sorry, make that 2 as Dowie's Sky Blues have done the very same thing late on Saturday against Preston after being booed off at half-time.
That sounds a bit familiar. Maybe Pards has passed his strategies on to Monica...or has our old boss Dowie learnt a few lessons from his time at the Valley..?

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