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Monday, September 10, 2007

Missing You........

Something I read on frankies site a few days ago has stuck in my mind and just won't go away. Attracted by the lateral thinking that FV uses to see the world, he does get read by all sorts of people, some of whom, it seems, are not entirely in agreement with us Addicks.
So there was our Frank swooning along with a piece called "Still Lovin' It Down Here" when an alien from another world seems to have dropped in unannounced and while most people would quietly and politely use the exit, this person decided to make a statement before leaving.
And in common with my feelings towards any ignorant gatecrasher, his altitude continues to bug me. His passing comment was that we should "Enjoy your games safe in the knowledge that your team is not missed."
Now don't get me wrong. I'm always willing to listen and ever keen to learn and understand every point of view but this one, despite its eloquent prose, has me a bit stumped. "Enjoy your games" I can understand, its the bit about not being missed that disturbs me.
Geez, that's something that never ever occurred to me. Reflecting that perhaps the guy is mistaken, and he doesn't sound too bright to me, then is it possible that there's a multitude of miserable football fans throughout the world that are actually pining for us and praying for our early return. Remember, we didn't get voted the best fans in the UK for nothing.
Is it possible that West Ham, Chelski, the Arse etc, were actually missing us?
Now I do remember that pleasant Mr Hughes saying, back in April, that we couldn't expect any favours from him and he was true to his word with a 4-1 hammering but other people have been more accommodating. Remember Curbs and his 4-0 surrender and Martin Jol's miserable face as he walked off at the Valley.
They've all done what they could, Mr Jol again being more than generous with his readies and even Arsene Wenger giving us Song for the second half of the season.
In fact, its all nonsense. When did any football fan miss another one from another team, unless he's a Palarse fan, although with a name like Lewis anything's possible. No, Mr Alien, being missed is for lovers and sweethearts and doesn't belong in the Addicks footballing vocabulary.
For us - and forgive me if I have to explain it 'cause it seems that you didn't understand where you are - its called change and as everyone knows change happens and to an Addicks mentality its all water off a ducks back. And you'll also be pleased to know that we've got someone called Pardew who understands all one needs to know about the words 'change' and 'happen'.

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