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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hey, Andy! Why not take a rest.

So what's all this resting of players malarkey? Anybody work for a manager who said to you, "Nelse, fancy a day off? There's nothing on tomorrow, get yourself a days rest and I'll get somebody to cover for you." Ever happen to you? No, I thought not.
So what is it about running about a pitch for an hour and a half, maybe twice a week that's so tiring and what the hell are they gonna be like in March or April. Totally shagged out presumably.
You know what I talking about, this League Cup Carling thing. Pards gives all bar poor old Magic a night off - what's he done to upset Pards we don't know - but being the smart boy we know he is, Pards deflects all questions by saying that Chrissie Powell is not gonna play because he celebrates too much. Obviously a subtle warning to Magic to enjoy our next win a bit more.
So are we supposed to care about this latest defeat? Are we supposed to pretend that it's not important to lose against Luton, the same as we do when the Reserves lose. Why don't they just tell everyone its a Reserve Competition and have done with it. You Big Boys from Tier 1 and 2; you can only play a maximum of 3 players that have ever appeared in the first team, and that would be the end of it. It's becoming a second string cup anyway or why bother pretending it is what it isn't.
So anyway, the Addicks can clearly see the purpose of the Tier 2 Cup and make 10 changes to the team against little old Luton, while our next opponents Coventry made just 5 changes against a Manure team last night that made no less than 11 changes from their last game. Its no wonder then that Coventry won 2-0 as they were only up against a guy called Nani and a lot of reserves.
But it was nice of them to play it a day after our own game so that Pards could nip up there and have a brief shufti.
And to make Pards' job all the easier, Monica, in the excitement of getting a result at the Theatre, laid all his cards on the table for our man to see. 'Cause as you would expect the six players that Monica retained from the defeat against Ipswich are his key players and that saves Pards waiting till the reviews come out tomorrow to find out who they are.
So to confirm Monica's key assets that played both games, they are; full-backs Osbourne and Borrowdale, midfielders Stephen Hughes, Jay Tabb, and Michael Doyle and striker Best. Irish internationals Tabb and Dublin born Doyle are sure to be old mates of our 'ittle irish fella and he'll no doubt be warning the gaffer about all their tricks.
As for the forward line is young Leon Best the best or will it be experienced 32 year old ex-Birmingham Dele Adebola up front. Best it was that scored an own-goal and missed a penalty in Southampton's semi-final Play-off defeat last season against Derby. No wonder he was transferred during the summer, but don't tell Monica. Maybe he'll let him take any penalties.
And Monica's also got a similar problem to Pards in central defence. Does he go on with the experienced duo of De Zeeuw and Marcus Hall after letting in 4 against Ipswich or use Ward and Turner after their heroics in Manchester.
But like Luton Town, who cares. Just tell the team, Pards, that Mr Dowie will be sort of very determined to get his team performing this weekend. After a 1-1 at Sainburys that he must have enjoyed, Monica will not want to see his new team defeated by Mr Murray's new boy, especially at home.

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