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Friday, September 29, 2006

Arsenal - Last Stop on the Roa

The Arse. Not a nice name for a football club but I´m sure they don´t mind what we call them. Especially as this weekend they´ll be shitting all over us again as usual.
OK, its not a foregone conclusion, anything can happen in football but we don´t have any Di Canio´s, Jenson´s or even Euell´s anymore. Since 2001, we´d had rather a bad run against them that now extends to, I believe, 9 games.

But I don´t mind. I´d rather be playing The Arse than.... for example...... Barnsley. All respects to Barnsley, I´m sure they´re a very nice club. But back in the bad old days of lower division football they were always the the sort of perfect illustration of where exactly we were in life - in the same league as Barnsley. Kind of said it all really.

So its with some delight that after browsing Colin Camerons brillant thome I can now inform everyone that we have played The Arse more times than we have played Barnsley. Where did I put those numbers? Can´t find them now but you can check yourself or take my word for it.

So as for todays result. I don´t care. It´ll be Charlton Playing the Arse, and dear old Barnsley will be somewhere else .

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