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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jovial Dane? Who's This Then?

A good pre-season when he featured in most of the fixtures has not been reflected in the number of games that Dennis Rommedahl has played now that the Premiership has kicked off. However, this doesn't seem to have upset the Dane. After finding himself left out of the side he insists that he never considered a departure from The Valley.

Apparently he's in a jovial mood after his performance in the Chelski game "I heard a good rumour about four days after the transfer deadline, Stephan [Andersen] called me and said he'd heard that I was on my way to Russia, which I found quite funny. I've never been on my way to any other club from here. I had a good pre-season in my eyes for Charlton. The only bad thing was when the real games started to come up in the Premiership I didn't play. But that's life and I'm just hoping to prove now that I'm good enough to be playing in the team.”

And this is what he had to say on todays game: "Every game is important, but a home game against Portsmouth must be a winnable game."

And there's more positive talk from Monica as he gets everyone in the right mood for this afternoons, sorry, this mornings game against Pompey. Never one to be despondent, he's remarkably upbeat about his problems.

"Clearly the injuries are a set back but our glass is still half full,” he said.

"I think the players should feel a lot of pride, outside the first 20 minutes at Chelsea, which was not what we're about. We weren't switched on, we weren't at it, we didn't pressurise and we didn't pass the ball well. But after that it was a very even game and in the second half we had huge periods where we controlled possession.

And just to pre-warn us of the side that we can expect to see today he added: "We've been disrupted by injuries, but it'll give some of the others a chance. I'm looking forward to seeing how some of the fringe players in the squad, or who have been thus far, respond."

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