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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a Character.

When I made some recent remarks about "thriving on adversity", I was referring, of course, to the man in charge. He´s the one making the decisions, he´s the one that gets all the praise - God forbid - and also all the shit.

But, as you all can appreciate, it also applies to all of us. We can scream and shout - Get Rid of the Useless Bastard - for all the good it will do, or we can keep our mouths shut. There´s not a lot of other useful things we can do really.

If we really can´t handle it I suppose we could run away, go and follow some winners. Drive over to the Arse or save up to watch Chelski. Get enthusiastic about the Hotspurs or the Hammers. Or even better we could get on one of those buses that travel all the way to Manchester to support a real Big Team. You can all suit yourselves.

We´re supporters. Thats what you´re called if you follow a team. We don´t pick the team, although we pretend to every Saturday morning, we don´t buy the players, and we don´t run the club. We just pay up and watch. If we don´t like it we can go somewhere else and watch. If we want.

And there´s really only one man, and his players, that can do something about the situation, at least we hope he can, we cannot. All we have to do is handle the disappointment the best we can.

So its good to read the Official Reports from the "Charlton Chief" and hear that he, at least, is still upbeat about the current situation. And willing to take whatever blame, if thats the right word, for the state we´re in.

"I've got no concerns about the lads' commitment and if anyone is to blame then it's me. We've had a disappointing start but we have to get on with it and get over it."

"It's much sweeter when you overcome adversity,"
he added. "Character is what you show when things aren't going right, not when they are.

"Anyone can show character when everything is rosy in the garden so now we will see what the character of everyone, including myself, the staff and the players, is all about.

"If we stick together we will be fine."

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