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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Carlisle Preview

No I´m not going either. But I hope our players turn up, for defeat today would be a calamity. I know Monica will be thinking of Saturday and the trip to Aston Villa but the consequences of losing at home to a Division 1 team would trouble him more.

Players need to win regularly to transfer the confidence that the Coach spends so much effort installing on the training ground onto the pitch and defeat today will continue to erode much of the positive talk from Monica. Third from bottom in the league, 4 defeats from 5 games and only 2 goals scored from open play so don´t tell me tonight is only a cup game. A win is badly needed right now.

Rest Young and Jimmy-Floyd if you must and give Myhre a game if you have to - but for the rest it has to be your strongest team. Not a lot of choices available but a continuation of last Saturdays second half effort is definitely required.

Pray for the broken toe and continue with Fortune in defence with Kish, El Karkouri, and Ashton. After Saturday Faye must be in midfield and encouraged to continue his second-half performance against Portsmouth, out wide Rommedahl and Ambrose, and one from Hughes ( carrying an injury), Holland (ditto) and Pouso (struggling with english football).

Up front the two Bents and how about putting James Walker on the bench. He´s got things to prove.Well, OK, Kevin as well.

Prediction? A nervy 2-1

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Kappacino Kid said...

I would go with Myhre, Kish, Fortune, Elk, Ashton, Romm, Pouso, Faye, Ambrose, D.Bent, Lisbie. Must win in normal time, am going and need my beuaty sleep