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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The CFB Factor

So thanks to Scotty, once again, and two goal Jimmy-Floyd we can now enjoy a little slice of Charlton history by getting past the numbers rounds, in the "whatever-its-called-now", League Cup into the rounds with names, ie The Quarter-Finals. Sounds good now does'nt it?

And after the inspiration of 4 clean-sheets in a row and Monica's confidence building spreadsheet "Numbers-On-Top", showing our increased playing-time spent in front of our opponents, we now have more tongue-in-cheek buzzwords to help our Monica in inspiring the team.

All good teams show character and mental strength when the chips are down and this is never more clearly demonstrated than by how many times a team comes from behind to win a match and "Coming From Behind"- the "CFB" Factor - is yet another tool in Monica's varied toolkit to build the team's confidence levels.

And for the first time this season, Monica can demonstrate his never-failing sense of humour even in a crisis ( what crisis) and tell the team it's the first time this season that we have come from behind to win and we did it twice in the same game. Another sign, if one is needed, of our increased strength, fight and character.

And there's more good news. The exact sessions of shooting practice that we argued for recently are already paying dividends with Andy Reid, Darren Ambrose and Hermann Hreidarsson all scoring from the spot in the penalty shoot-out.

So while Monica and the team are in the record-breaking mood, it seems like the perfect time to travel to Wigan on Saturday, a ground where we have never won. OK, we're only played there once but the principle still applies.

Monica, we believe - get out there and break them records!

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