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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Charlton 1 Everton 1

We all like to take something from every game, much like Monica used to, to give us a bit of encouragement come Monday morning. I thought we played some good football at times in the second half, we didn't give up after their fluke goal and our passing was done with confidence and we didn't look like the worst team in the League. Faye, Holland(!) and Reid battled in midfield. We created a few chances, even though we missed them with the Observer giving us a total of 16 attempts at goal. And we finally have a midfielder scoring a goal.

Of course, for the first 15 minutes we were under the cosh, that's the price of being at the bottom of the table, teams are told to pressure us and get an early goal and we'll then buckle. And Everton had only lost 2 out of 6 away games this season.

But the best for me was the players reaction to our equaliser. No excitement, no kissing, no going overboard. It's only an equaliser, lets get on with it. It reminded me of the England Rugby 2003 World Cup semi-final when we beat France. When the players left the pitch that day there were no celebrations at all, it was only a semi, no rejoiceing till they had win the thing. Or maybe it was just disbelief that we're scored!

The worst was that it took a goal conceded to finally stir us up and going for it, and if they hadn't scored it could well have ended up 0-0. And Everton were not that good yesterday. When teams have an "off" team you really have to take advantage.

So its not a win, "its a platform", according to Reed. Lets hope its not long before the train arrives...

As for the reviews cafcpicks gives it to you player by player, for the Observer watching us is like being in purgatory, while the independent is a little more encouraging but before you get too confident the telegraph will bring you down to earth but at least gives our "little dumpling" Reid Man-Of-the-Match.

Charlton: Carson; Young, Traore, Hreidarsson, El Karkouri; Rommedahl, Faye, Holland, Reid, Ambrose (M Bent 67); D Bent.
Subs (not used): Myhre, Fortune, Kishishev, Sam.
Goals: Reid 68
Booked: Hreidarsson 48, El Karkouri 75 (foul on Osman)

Everton: Howard; Neville, Valente, Yobo, Lescott; Arteta, Davies, Carsley, Osman; McFadden (Anichebe 79), Beattie (Vaughan 79).
Subs (not used): Wright, Weir, Stubbs.
Goals: Hreidarsson og 52
Referee: A Wiley

Attendance: 26435

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