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Saturday, November 04, 2006

No More Teacups

I see from a recent interview that our Monica had a tea-cup moment during the game with Villa last month..............

I read, and re-read, the remainder of the paragraph several times but still couldn't figure out what he meant. Was he referring to a bust-up in the changing room at half-time? Or in a break in the play, was he starring into his empty cup searching the tea-leaves for a spark of inspiration? Or perhaps he had just spilled his cuppa all over his trousers after Benty had missed another sitter? Seems we'll never know unless it makes an entry into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Of course, this is the trouble with being at the forefront of language definition – until your words are properly documented there are bound to be a lot of people that wouldn't know what the hell you are talking about.

And having spent far too much time working in the nebulous world of computer systems I know what its like. You gradually get used to the pain of talking to people when chances are you would struggle to understand whatever answer they would chose to give you. Buzzwords, techi-speak, and the deliberate withholding of information was rife. It all lead to confusion and was a waste of time.

The world of football may be different. Monica's job is to lift bruised egos, create an atmosphere of belief and getting people to perform above themselves and as a team. But using words that nobody understands will not be useful today. Today is different.

So Monica, its time to chuck away those teacups and tell the team that today they'll be no mistakes in communication or anything else. Take a leaf out of Fernando Alonso’s book – one season, 16 races and not a single mistake. We want NO mistakes, a defeat today and you’ll all be here Sunday morning to tell me why.

And we want revenge for last seasons' roasting, we want to see some passion especially from the 5 of you involved in that game last year. And we want a result....This Week.

Now get out there and WIN.

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