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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pecking Order

As has been pointed out over the last couple of days, new boy Les Reed doesn't do panic. Just as well really with the job he's got in hand. But forgetting performances - not easy I know - just one lucky win and favourable results elsewhere would take us up to equal 17th with 3 teams below us.

And thats all we need, three teams below us, and given the position we're in now I think we would call this season a successful one.

So in a desperate attempt to find some element of confidence in the situation, I went looking at our history to see what we'd done in the past against the nineteen other Premiership teams.

And by a coincidence there's just three of them that we have had the better of in all our games against them. Watford (we're won 6 games more against them, ie 20 wins, 14 defeats, so we're +6 , against West Ham we're +5 and against Middlesbrough we're currently at +2.

After a win a couple of weeks ago we are now equal with Man. City.

And we started the season equal with Wigan having played them only twice before but we've now slipped behind with their 2 wins to our 1.

Everton and Sheff. Utd come next with whom we're also one defeat down and against Fulham we are now 2 down. Last Saturdays defeat at Reading now means we're 3 defeats down against them.

The remaining 10 teams are all disappearing over the horizon with: Chelsea -5, Blackburn -5, Spurs -7, Portsmouth -8, Liverpool -9, Aston Villa -10, Newcastle -12, Bolton -13, Arsenal -22 and manure a massive -24.

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Oggy Red said...

Well, thanks for cheering me up...... :-)

Good job you can't depend on results from old statistics.