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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Team Against Everton

Several apparent witnessess at last Saturdays dire performance first of all actually noticed Matt Holland on the pitch and secondly said he was the only player that was doing anything in the way of running about. Gave 100% heart and soul it seems and played a captains role, trying to encourage the others.

Now I know that you shouldn't take notice of one persons verbiage but reading on I found another two people saying the same thing so it seems to have been noticeable. There will, of course, be those at the back shouting "its all very well running about, but its the quality that's lacking and didn't someone call him lightweight" and I take your point. But we wouldn't be awarded compliments like "capitulation, lethargic, timid, and lack of spirit" etc if everybody was at least working.

Others were equally vocal in castigating Luke Young for not being vocal enough, for forgetting the captains role and hiding like everyone else. Maybe thats why Holland had the captains band for so long and it would seem that he deserves a place in the side against Everton.

And I'm sure there's a reference somewhere to Holland when Les reportedly said, "We spent over £11million in the summer so I know it'll be a question of wheeling and dealing. But if we need a boost I think there will be some funds available. And obviously if players move on, others will come in. But right now we have to get together and see who wants to get this club out of trouble, and who is just coming along for the ride."

Meanwhile it seems that as well as Walton coming back in January, we are also looking at the market to strengthen the squad with more additions ie dempsey. Could he be the "boost" we need?

And if you're looking for further good news, it seems that someone called Gibbs turned out for the reserves on Monday against Reading, although only for the first half while Sorondo, Traore and Pouso had full games. Although with three internationals in the defence, namely Djimi Traore, Gonzalo Sorondo and Cory Gibbs, its a bit disconcerting to see that we conceded 4 goals. How Reading must love us!

Let's hope that Les saw something to encourage him, with Omar Pouso ploughing through two tackles and hitting the post ( the ball, not him), although maybe it was Lloyd Sam that impressed. One goal and influencing midfield could see him feature again on Saturday, at least on the bench.

The fitness of Traore, Sorondo and Gibbs will add to Les's headaches as he decides his best team for Saturday. These days it seems that Everton play with 5 across the park so it would seem sensible to try to counter that. How about the following?

Carson, Young, El Karkouri, Hreidarsson, Traore.
Rommerdahl, Faye, Reid, Holland, Ambrose.
Darren B


Anonymous said...

ambrose is awful. Not sure what the poit of him is...he is not skilful and is total powder puff so def not him in the middle..thomas has to be a better diawara still injured...if not i would have him ahead of HH..

DC North Stand said...

Shame about Ambrose - he started off well and seems to have potential bit now we need more than potential. Traore surely wont be fit after one reserve game and as for Holland - he's been putting it in now for more than just one game and forms a reasonable (if dull) partnership with Faye. If you want energy though - Kish may be the man to play in front of the back four...

Anonymous said...

im shocked at ambrose and rhomadhal, both of them cant cross decent balls or get them in the net.

surley what we need to look for in the january transfer window is decent dependable creative midfield players, unfortuantly these type of players seem to not be the loyal charlton types, so we wont get any.

Anonymous said...

Jerome thomas said that he expected to be moving on in the last Summer. The fact that he did not was probably down to no decent offers. He will be off when the going gets tough. Shame as he could be a very creative player to build around when his physique gets better, (stronger).

beauzo said...

Hasselbaink, M Bent, Ronmmedahl, Ambrose and Hughes should never play for any Charlton team ever again. Their continuing abject lack of effort in their appearances over the last year amounts to cheating their employers and us. Lloyd Sam could replace one of them, as for the others we'd probably be better off starting the game with 10 than consider wasting time and space with most of the available candidates, including the enigmatic (fragile, selfish, lazy) Jerome Thomas. If Kish has recovered he may perform some function as nuisance value. Beyond him we'd be better off taking a chance on someone untried from the younger reserves. As many from that list as possible need to be loaned out asap, any who's contracts expire this season would be better sacked now to cut out the cancer of their cynicism from the squad and allow Les, Robbo et al to concentrate on the genuine professionals.