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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Monica v Curbs

So after 10 games and just over a quarter of the season over perhaps its time to see how we doing now compared to our efforts last year.

You all know the results from our difficult start this season, but one way to judge our current position is to see how many points Curbs gained from the same fixtures. So last season the results were:-

West Ham 0-0, Manure 1-3, Bolton 0-1, Chelski 1-1, Portsmouth 2-1, Aston Villa 0-1, Arsenal 0-1, Fulham 1-2, Watford ( lets use Sunderland as a comparison, as Watford are bound to finish in the same position - bottom ) 2-0, Newcastle 0-0.

So in 2005/6 - 9 points, from 2 wins and 3 draws with 5 defeats. 5 goals for and 10 against, so a -5 goal difference.

And in 2006/7 - 5 points, from 1 win and 2 draws and with 7 defeats. 6 goals for and 15 against, so a -9 goal difference.

Four points worst off after 10 games, 1 more goal scored but 5 more conceded. While our more attacking formation has yielded only one more goal than last year, almost all of our extra goals deficit came against the Hammers where the 10 man Addicks let in 3 goals this year and none last season.

Taking things further, as we were 4 points worse off after 9 games ( exactly a quarter of the season) we are currently on course to be 16 points off last seasons total of 47 points meaning 31 points total if we continue as we are, nine short of the magic 40.

Of course, this is all nonsense. Comparing teams and results season by season would suggest that nothing ever changes, that results would always be the same and the pools firms would soon go broke. But its an attempt to put the season in perspective and time for us to admit that there's some teams that we will never beat. As for changing our formation to suit our circumstances, even Dennis R on clubcall has told us its all the teams fault, that they are not being clinical enough in front of goal.

And we have to take note that Monica has changed things in more than formation. While 5 of the 10 results were exactly as last year, other sequences were changed. We beat Bolton for the first time in years but lost to the Hammers. And an improved Pompey turned around last seasons result. We failed to get a point at Chelski ( no surprise really) and could only draw with relegation favorites Watford.

We can now only hope that his changed sequences continue on Saturday and turn around last seasons 2-5 defeat against Man.City


Anonymous said...

I worked on this earlier in the week, but if you include the pre-season fixtures and the Carling Cup, we've played 19 games under Dowie.

For 19 points.

It's pretty close to relegation form, although some years it's enough to survive....

It's going to be tight...

Anonymous said...

Whilst you say that things are never entirely predictable, it is clear from the record under Curbs that Charlton were ruthless against the bottom clubs over the last few seasons. In that respect the result and performance against Watford is a clear indicator of a relagation threatened side. We're not doomed yet, but they need a win soon.