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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Good News?

Morning Les. Nice to see you here bright and early. So, what do you want first? The good news or the bad news. Think carefully now, 'cause the readers out there are going to infer meanings into these things that nobody else can see.

Right, you want the good news first. OK, that means you're a bit of an pessimist, always seeing things black, need cheering up all the time. Well, that's not a bad thing, we're done optimism and positiveness and look where that got us. No, pessimists are good, they demand more, nothings ever good enough for them.

Anyway, I'm going to give you the Bad News first, 'cause I feel like it. Remember that Platform that we all built the other day? Well, now there's only two of us left standing here now, them Watford johnnies and Us. Seems them Sheffield new-boys upped and took flight last night and God knows where they are now. Some say FOUR points in front...

OK, OK, the Good News. Well, thanks to them fixture people, seems that those Sheffield guys have asked us up for Saturday for a little house-warming to celebrate them being in the Premiership for only a year. A bit of a knees-up it seems. And the good news is that them having spend all Tuesday evening chasing a ball about they'll be right knackered come Saturday.

And we all know you took the opportunity to have a good look-see at their attributes. Tuesday night at the Vicarage? Who can refuse such an offer. Not sure you would be able to see many of them there attributes, 'cause they ain't got none. They just work hard and then work hard some more. Not a lot to made a note of really.

So having turned the corner and built a Platform we expect nothing less than an away win on Saturday. Sorry to heap more pressure on you but that goes with the job, I'm afraid. We were all impressed by the way yourself and Markie obviously changed the mood in the camp and the performance against Everton was much improved over the previous week. Thank God for that! Now we need to put the foot to the floor.

So I'm sure you're giving ElK and Herm the heading-away-long-clearances training. You'll be highlighting the need to pick up the consequential loose ball to Reidie and Andy and telling Rommers to control the pass first time and go for it. They don't start well so we need to be 2-0 up the interval. No more messing about in the first 45 sounding them out, 'cause there's nothing to find out.

And please vary them corners a bit, near post flicks or drag backs to the edge of the area, anything different. As for you Rommers - 3 hours shooting practise, every day from now till Saturday, we need a goal from you. And you Andy, heading practice from crosses. We can't afford you to miss any more simple chances that my Grandma could have put away.

Now go out there and Frigging Win...

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping for a 0-0 draw last night, but wasn't to be.

This weekends game may be the most critical yet....

Lose and we are suddenly a long way away from safety....