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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bye, Bye, Llanera...

Its not often that an English football team is mentioned in the economic sections of the Spanish national papers but the Addicks have managed it. And as a parting gift from our ex-sponsor, in some papers we've already been promoted back to the Premier thing.
And the news has also hit the UK with the telegraph among the first to notice. Insolvent is not a pretty word and there's pictures of people with houses half-build who are definitely more affected personally that the Addicks but after the banks have refused to grant further loans to a company with debts of 748m in that funny European currency it looks like the end of another sponsorship deal.
Desperate to deflect the reason for the collapse the Spanish banking world have pointed the finger at the unrealistic dreams of Fernando Gallego, one of the owners of the company, but have mysteriously failed to mention Charlton's relegation last season as another factor in the company's collapse.
Anyway, lets hope that in future deals the management take more care in the selection of potential sponsors before committing ourselves to unnecessary expense, for as Wyn Grant mentioned a few days ago the same thing happening twice would appear a little careless.
And speaking of unnecessary expense, expect a quick sale of currently labelled merchandise via the shop before we announce the signing-up of another company dying to part with their cash.

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